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1 Hasenoehrl, Meredith GibbonsA Novel Optogenetic Tool to Image Calcium in The Tripartite Synapse During Epileptogenesis2018-05dissertation
2 Han, Pengcheng.A-type potassium current in adult mouse olfactory receptor neurons.Mice; Channel Blockers2005-12dissertation
3 Schwager, Andrea L.Alcohol, Stress, and Decision Making2013-08dissertation
4 Epstein, Daniel JonathanAn investigation of masked facial affect in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder using electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imagingNeurosciences; Clinical psychology; Military studies2017dissertation
5 Loewen, Jaycie L.Astrocyte mechanisms of glutamate homeostasis in temporal lobe epilepsy2018dissertation
6 Prigge, Molly Beth DuBrayAtypical Neurodevelopment in Auditory and Language Cortex and the Corpus Callosum in Autism2012-08dissertation
7 Haack, Andrew KraftAversion and Reward: Two Opposing Drives Mediating Alcohol-Seeking Behavior2015-08dissertation
8 Rawson, Randi L.Axon Degeneration in C. Elegans2014-08dissertation
9 Constantine, Ryan NicholasBiochemical and Structural Studies of UNC119 and PrBP/δ: Two-Lipid Binding Proteins Necessary for Protein Transport in Photoreceptor CellsPhotoreceptor Cells; Retina; Protein Prenylation; Acylation; Transducin; Rhodospin; Protein Binding; Carrier Proteins2012-08dissertation
10 Nielson, Jared AllenBrain Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lateralization and diagnotic Classification in Autism2013-12dissertation
11 Anderson, James RussellBuilding and Exploring the Retinal Connectome2011-05dissertation
12 Xing, LingyanCellular and Molecular Analysis of Axon Development in Zebrafish2015-12dissertation
13 Chen, WeiCharacterization of a Novel Proneural Basic Helix Loop Helix Target Gene in the Mouse Nervous System2011-05dissertation
14 Bijanzadeh, MaryamComputation of Surround Modulation Across Layers of the Primate Primary Visual CortexNeurosciences; Systematic; Systems science2017dissertation
15 Twede, Vernon D.Conantokins: Developing Pharmacology for Differentiating N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Subtypes2014-05dissertation
16 Xu, HuiCone opsins in retinal function and degeneration2019dissertation
17 Sigulinsky, Crystal LynnDefininig the Relationship Between the Homeobox Gene VSX2 and Extrinsic Signaling in the Regulation of Retinal Progenitor Cell Properties2012-12dissertation
18 West, Peter JDelta- and mu-conotoxins : peptides from cone snail venoms that selectively affect tetrodotoxin-sensitive and tetrodotoxin-resistant volatge-gated sodium channels.Physiology; Conotoxins; Cone Snail; Venoms; Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels; Tetrodotoxin; Neurology2004-08dissertation
19 Tomita, HideakiDisruption of Postnatal Neuronal Specific Gene AK045681 Interferes with Anxiety Behavior in MiceNeurosciences; Genetics; Behavioral Sciences2011-12dissertation
20 Kruse-Bend, Renee ClaireDorsal-Ventral Retinal Patterning: Genetic Mechanisms for the Development of a Topographic MapNeurosciences; Developmental biology2012-08dissertation
21 Qiao, LiangThe effect of methamphetamine on seizure threshold and epileptogenesis.Pharmacology; Methamphetamine; Epileptogenesis2007-12dissertation
22 Zayachkivsky, AndrewElectroencephalographic (EEG) Seizures and Background Abnormalities in a Rat Model of Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy2012-12dissertation
23 Anderson, Sarah RoseEstablishing microglial funcation and phenotype in the developing retina: looking through a new lens to untavel disease mechanisms2018dissertation
24 Hanak, Tyler JamesExamination of synaptic and inflammatory modulation on acute seizure outcomes in the theiler's murine encephalomyelitis model of virus-induced seizures and epilepsy2018dissertation
25 Filchakova, OlenaExpression, Pharmacological and Physiological Properties of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors2013-08dissertation
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