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1 A-type potassium current in adult mouse olfactory receptor neurons.2005-12ir_etdText
2 Analysis of the dynamic mutation in the SCA7 gene shows marked parental effects on CAG repeat transmission.1998-03-07ir_uspaceText
3 Anti-interleukin-6 antibodies inhibit herpes simplex virus reactivation.1997ir_uspaceText
4 Autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia with retinal degeneration: clinical, neuropathologic, and genetic analysis of a large kindred.1994-08ir_uspaceText
5 Brain function monitoring during off-pump cardiac surgery: a case report2008ir_uspaceText
6 Central neurogenic hyperventilation: pharmacologic intervention with morphine sulfate and correlative analysis of respiratory, sleep, and ocular motor dysfunction.1990-11ir_uspaceText
7 Compressive optic neuropathy caused by renal osteodystrophy. Case report.2001-10ir_uspaceText
8 Congenital anomalies of the optic nerve in one family.1992-04-24ir_uspaceText
9 Context-specific memory and apolipoprotein E (ApoE) epsilon 4: cognitive evidence from the NIMH prospective study of risk for Alzheimer's disease.2004-05-10ir_uspaceText
10 Correlation between detection of herpes simplex virus in oral secretions by PCR and susceptibility to experimental UV radiation-induced herpes labialis.1994ir_uspaceText
11 Cranial magnetic resonance imaging in eclampsia.1987-09ir_uspaceText
12 CT and hemifacial spasm.1988-07ir_uspaceText
13 Delta- and mu-conotoxins : peptides from cone snail venoms that selectively affect tetrodotoxin-sensitive and tetrodotoxin-resistant volatge-gated sodium channels.2004-08ir_etdText
14 Diverse macular dystrophy phenotype caused by a novel complex mutation in the ELOVL4 gene2001ir_uspaceText
15 Early pathologic findings and long-term improvement in anti-Ma2-associated encephalitis.2006-07-11ir_uspaceText
16 Early pathologic findings and long-term improvement in anti-Ma2-associated encephalitis.2006-07-11ir_uspaceText
17 The effect of methamphetamine on seizure threshold and epileptogenesis.2007-12ir_etdText
18 Familial advanced sleep-phase syndrome: a short-period circadian rhythmvariant in humans1999ir_uspaceText
19 Four projection streams from primate v1 to the cytochrome oxidase stripes of v22010-08ir_etdText
20 Functional and genetic studies in the macular degeneration genes ELOVL4 and HTRA1.2007-08ir_etdText
21 Genotype-phenotype analysis of ABCR variants in macular degeneration probands and siblings2002ir_uspaceText
22 Idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Relationship to depression, anxiety, and quality of life2000-01-25ir_uspaceText
23 Interictal infraslow activity in patients with epilepsy2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
24 Justifying reimbursement for Alzheimers diagnostics and treatments: Seeking alignment on evidence2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
25 Lifestyle intervention for pre-diabetic neuropathy.2006-06-29ir_uspaceText
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