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1 Design and Modeling of a Resonant Inductively Coupled Wireless Power Transfer System for Micro Aerial Vehicles2018ir_etdText
2 An Automated Microfluidic Nucleic Acid Extraction System for Sample Preparation with an Integrated Polymerase Chain Reaction Module2018ir_etdText
3 Using Geometric Primitives to Unify Perception and Action for Object-Based Manipulation2018ir_etdText
4 A Superelastic Helicotome for Capsulorhexis2018ir_etdText
5 Using Observed Data During Early Design To Simulate Building Mechanical System Energy Performance2019ir_uspaceText
6 Study of Change in Orientation of Adventitial Collagen in Cerebral Blood Vessels during and Post-Axial Overstretch2018ir_etdText
7 Hydrodynamic Interactions and Motion of Bacteria at Low Reynolds Number2018ir_etdText
8 Design, Modeling, and Gait Control of a Rolling Quadruped (roll-U-ped)2018ir_etdText
9 Tool-Chip Interface Temperature in Machining: Modeling and Evaluating the Effects of Variable Flow Rate Cutting Fluid Application2018ir_etdText
10 Large-Eddy Simulations of Wind Farms under Different Atmospheric Stratification Conditions2018ir_etdText
11 Thermal and Phase-Change Wave Propagation and Velocities Subject to Shrinking Core Phenomena for Melting and Freezing Packed-Beds of Encapsulated Phase-Change Materials2017ir_etdText
12 Computational Characterization of Vascular Mechanics2017ir_etdText
13 Ocular Injury Following Primary Blast Exposure2017ir_etdText
14 A Fundamental Multiscale Study on Mechanical, Microstructural, and Topographical Characteristics of Machining-Induced Surface Integrity in Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy2017ir_etdText
15 Three-dimensional printing engineered materials via integration of ultrasound directed self-assembly with stereolithography2017ir_etdText
16 A preliminary analysis of the ability of a potential orthotic device to reduce and mitigate shoe slip2017ir_etdText
17 Evaluation of a simple computational fluid dynamics (CFD) urban wind model in a complex vegetated urban area2017ir_etdText
18 Dissolvable Conductive Polymers for Electrochemical Energy Storage2017ir_etdText
19 Development of Low-Cost, Mobile, and Scalable Motion Tracking Using Wireless AHRS Modules2017ir_etdText
20 Quantifying the Protective Properties and Adhesion to the Substrate of Ultra-thin Multilayer Diamond-like Carbon Coatings Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation2017ir_etdText
21 Formalization of Steering-Plane Bipeds: Characterization, Motion Planning and Gait Optimization2017ir_etdText
22 Conduit Based Drug Delivery Device for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration2017ir_etdText
23 How to Cut the Cost of Accurate and Reliable Surface Level Atmospheric Observations by an Order of Magnitudeir_suImage/StillImage
24 Observational Studies of Soil Moisture, Valley Fog and Temperature Variance in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Over Diverse Terrain2017ir_etdText
25 Quadrupedal Emotive Gaits in Robotics2017ir_etdText
1 - 25 of 343