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1 District of Columbia juvenile delinquency proceddings; apprehension to disposition1960ir_uspaceText
2 Knowledge and Politics by Roberto Mangabeira Unger (book review)1972ir_uspaceText
3 Book review: Luard, The International Regulation of Frontier Disputes1972-09ir_uspaceText
4 Response1975ir_uspaceText
5 Function and dysfunction of per se rules in vertical market restraints1980ir_uspaceText
6 Permissiveness and control (Book Review)1981-10ir_uspaceText
7 Old wine in new bottles: some observations about current monopolization litigation1983ir_uspaceText
8 Poverty, age discrimination, and health care1985ir_uspaceText
9 Is and "ought" of vertical restraints after Monsanto Co. v. Spray-Rite Service Corp.1986ir_uspaceText
10 Judicial campaign against polygamy and the enduring legal questions1987ir_uspaceText
11 Legal reasoning and the jurisprudence of vertical restraints: the limitations of neoclassical economic analysis in the resolution of antitrust disputes1987ir_uspaceText
12 Ends and means1988ir_uspaceText
13 Legal reasoning, antitrust policy and the social "science" of economics1988ir_uspaceText
14 Introduction: symposium- Antitrust Policy and Health Care Reform1995ir_uspaceText
15 Legal truth and moral realism1997ir_uspaceText
16 Reflections on Mormon history: Zion and the anti-legal tradition1998ir_uspaceText
17 In the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)2001-01ir_uspaceText
18 Misuse and abuse of the Tunney Act: the adverse consequences of the microsoft fallacies2003ir_uspaceText
19 MX:democracy, religion and the rule of law--my journey2004ir_uspaceText
20 42nd Annual Leary Lecture: Preliminary Thoughts on Copyright Reform2007-10-18ir_euaImage/MovingImage
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