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1 Colasanto, Mary Patricia"Of mice and men": connective tissue regulation of muscle developmentGenetics2017dissertation
2 Ptolemy, Joseph Robert SmithA Seminal Fluid Serine Protease, TRY-5, Signals Caenorhabditis Elegans Sperm Activation2012-08dissertation
3 Ray, Russell ScottAn Examination of Chiropteran HoxD Regulation from an Evolutionary Perspective2008-05dissertation
4 Wisidagama, Dona RoonalikaAn investigation of the evolutionary conserved mitochondrial protein functions and their physiological impact on drosophila physiology2019dissertation
5 Welton, Jeffrey DaleAnalysis of T-cell receptor family prevalence in the chronically- activated T-cells of rheumatoid arthritis patientsEtiology; Phagocytic Cells1996-12thesis
6 Chapin, AlexAnalysis of the Physiological Roles of the Nonsense Mediated mRNA Decay Pathway in Drosophila Melanogaster2014-08dissertation
7 Humphreys, Gregory BlaineAttenuation of Decapentaplegic Signaling Via a Localized Chondroitin-Sulfated Signaling Sink2014-12dissertation
8 Xu, Gangfeng CloningCharacterization of the NF1 gene and its gene product, neurofibromin.cDNA; Genes1994-08dissertation
9 Singleton, MarcCombining Phenotype and Genotype for Discovery and Diagnosis of Genetic Disease2015-08dissertation
10 Hansen, Jody M.COMP-1 Regulates Male and Hermaphrodite Bias of Sperm Selection in Caenorhabditis Elegans2015-05dissertation
11 Flygare, StevenComputational Approaches to Biological Data With Applications in Image Analysis, Human Variant Prioritization, and Metagenomics2015-08dissertation
12 Spancake, Kimberly MichelleContributions of retinoblastoma and p53 to breast carcinogenesisGenetic Predisposition to Disease1999-12dissertation
13 Yeh, Raymond K.Cosmid vector design for large scale sequencing: the Pyrococcus furiosus genomeMicrobial; Pyrococcus furiosus2000-05dissertation
14 De La O, Jean-PaulDefining the cell of origin and mechanism of pancreatic tumorigenesisGenetics; Cellular biology; Developmental biology2011dissertation
15 Helde, Kathryn AnnDeterminants of cell fate during zebrafish embryogenesisEmbryology; Genetics1995-03dissertation
16 Hu, HaoDeveloping Computational Methods for Studying nonmodel Organism Genetics and Human Disease with Next-Generation Sequencing Data2012-12dissertation
17 Frizzell, Kimberly AnnDiscovery and Analysis of Components of Nonsense Mediated Decay in DrosophilaGenetics2013-05dissertation
18 Gordon, Hannah BrieDissection of Neurometabolic Disease Using Drosophilia Melanogaster: Bubblegum and Double Bubble Mutants Suggest New Cellular Defects in Adrenoleukodystrophy PathologyNeurosciences; Genetics; Medicine2016-05dissertation
19 Greer, Joy Marie.Diversification of Hox gene function as a consequence of evolution in cis-regulator sequences.Gene Evolution; Mutation2001-05dissertation
20 Zhuo, XiaoyuEndogenous retrovirus evolution in mammalian genomesGenetics; Evolution and Development; Virology2017dissertation
21 Davis, Chadwick ThelenEnhancement of Vascular Stability Through ARF6 Deactivation Reduces Inflammatory Pathologies2014-08dissertation
22 Howell, William DwightFunction of the Wnt3 gene is required for mouse gastrulationEmbryology; Gastrulation; Wnt3; Embryonic Lethality; Molecular Biology2002-05dissertation
23 Garrone, Nicholas FelixFunctional Analysis of Neural Precursor Cell Expressed Developmentally Down Regulated, Gene 4 Isoforms that Contain or Lack a Conserved Region 2 of Protein Kinase C DomainProtein Kinase C2010-01-17dissertation
24 Wang, SongFunctional analysis of Tbx5 amd Tbx4 genesGenetics ;Mice2004-08dissertation
25 Bricker, Daniel KevinFunctional Analysis of the Mitochondrial Proteome in Drosophila2014-05dissertation
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