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1 Smith, Ken R.Ovarian cancer mortality among immigrants in Australia and CanadaThis study examined the impact of changing environments on ovarian cancer by comparing age standardized mortality rates of numerous immigrant groups in Australia and Canada to those in the origin countries for the period 1984-1988. Mortality rates by length of residence in Australia (0-29 and 30+ y...Ovarian cancer; Immigrants; Australia; Canada; Mortality1995
2 Zick, Cathleen D.Trends in Americans food-related time use: 1975-2006Objective: To describe how the time spent in food-related activities by Americans has changed over the past 30 years. Design: Data from four national time diary surveys, spanning 1975-2006, are used to construct estimates of trends in American adults' time spent in food-related activities. Multivari...2010-01-01
3 Zick, Cathleen D.The kids are all right: Generational differences in responses to the great recessionData from a university survey of 2,799 employees were examined to determine age cohort differences in retirement planning activities in the aftermath of the Great Recession. A life course approach and logistic regression were used to assess whether members of four different age cohorts altered their...2012-01-01
4 Diener, Marissa L.Kindergarten readiness and performance of Latino children participating in Reach Out and ReadBackground: Literacy is a vital skill that forms the basis for academic, occupational, and social success. Minority populations, especially immigrant Latinos in the US, have achievement gaps in literacy when compared to the White population. The Reach Out and Read (ROR) program is a pediatric, prima...2012-01-01
5 Yu, ZhouMisleading comparisons of homeownership rates when the variable effect of household formation is ignored: explaining rising homeownership and the homeownership gap between Blacks and AsiansDespite ominous signs of housing market stress in the U.S., the homeownership rate reached an all time high in 2006. The conventional definition of homeownership, which is based on the share of households and ignores the effects of variable household formation, confounds the measurement of "success"...2010-01-01
6 Brown, Barbara B.Physical activity mediates the relationship between perceived crime safety and obesityObjective. The current cross-sectional study tests whether low perceived crime safety is associated with body mass index (BMI) and obesity risk and whether less moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) accounts for part of this relationship. Method. Adults (n=864) from a relatively low-income a...2014-01-01
7 Fan, Jessie XiaojingSociodemographic and environmental correlates of active commuting in Rural AmericaPurpose. This research investigated participation rates in 3 modes of active commuting (AC) and their sociodemographic and physical environmental correlates in rural America. Methods. The 2000 Census supplemented with other datasets were used to analyze AC rates in percentage of workers walking, bik...2014-01-01
8 McDaniel, SusanInnovation in human/social guiseIn this chapter, innovation is viewed from a step further back, as an astronaut might see the earth from space. It is not seen as something analysed as a linear, technical process, whether incremental or radical. Nor is it seen as a process in which social context adds to the mix of other factors to...Innovation; Social process2006
9 Yu, ZhouHeterogeneity and dynamics in China's emerging housing marketChina's emerging housing market, as a critical element of ongoing economic reforms, has drawn increasing attention. The complete abandonment of the socialist housing allocation system in the late 1990s has led to profound changes in housing distribution and consumption in urban China. This article, ...Housing distribution; Housing reform; Chinese Census; Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing
10 McDaniel, SusanChallenges to health promotion among older working womenThe work site, has, been a place of successful health promotion among; certain groups, most notably men in management. The potential of work site health promotion among women, particularly among' older working women, remains unexplored.. Given women's greater longevity and women's likelihood of spen...Workers; Longevity; Aging1988
11 Werner, Carol M.; Sansone, Carol; Brown, Barbara B.Guided group discussion and attitude change: the roles of normative and informational influenceGroup discussion has effectively changed attitudes and behaviors compared to individually-targeted messages (Lewin, 1952; Werner, 2003). This study examines the roles of normative and informational social influence in this effect. High school students heard a message about replacing toxic products w...Elaboration likelihood model; ELM; Waste reduction; Sustainability; Household hazardous waste; HHW; Toxic waste; Nontoxic alternatives; Group discussion2008-03
12 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Family structure and voter turnoutWe use data from the Voting and Registration Supplement of the Current Population Survey to explore the effects of family structure on turnout in the 2000 presidential election. Our results indicate that family structure, defined as marital status and the presence of children, has substantial implic...United States; Politics; Democracy; Families; Demography2006-09-19
13 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriCommunity contributions to scholastic successThe authors examine the influence of neighborhood characteristics on the academic outcomes of children in middle childhood. Prior research has examined structural features of the community and has evaluated their associations with youth outcomes (Brooks-Gunn, Duncan, Klebanov, & Sealand, 1993; Kowal...Academic development; Child development; Developmental psychology2006-05
14 McDaniel, SusanReported attitudes of Edmonton women towards abortionAbortion is a topic that many Canadians feel strongly about and one that has attracted a lot of public attention and debate in the past few years. Much of this attention can be attributed to the reactions of various people and organizations to the new amendments to the Canadian criminal code passed ...1976
15 McDaniel, SusanPolitiques sociales, changements économiques et démographiques et vieillissement de la population canadienne : leurs interactionsNecessaire à la decision politique, la prévision des effets qu'aura le vieillissement demographique sur la société doit débrouiller un écheveau de changements économiques, démographiques, politiques et sociaux. Pour comprendre le jeu de ces facteurs, l'auteur analyse, à partir de faits conc...2003
16 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Different voices of gender: social recognitionMany researchers have shown that men and women speak differently. In this paper we examine whether these differences extend to the interpretation of speech. Men and women were recorded as they described their participation in a common interpersonal dilemma.Gender differences1997
17 McDaniel, SusanMedical culture and health politics: the Ontario debateThe 1986 doctors' strike in Ontario brought into stark relief many of the issues that have been latent in Canadian health politics for several decades. In this paper, an analysis from a sociological perspective is offered of the issues involved in the 1986 doctors' strike. Issues are discussed i...1988
18 McDaniel, SusanWomen's roles and reproduction: the changing picture in Canada in the 1980'sThe social roles of women have always been affected by their reproductive roles. Recently in Canada, as well as elsewhere, several challenges to traditional thinking about women's roles and reproduction have emerged. These challenges have called into question the models typically used to analyze wom...Childbearing; Motherhood; Childcare1988
19 Zick, Cathleen D.Family, frailty, and fatal futures? Own-health and family-health predictors of subjective life expectancySubjective life expectancy is a powerful predictor of a variety of health and economic behaviors. This research expands upon the life expectancy literature by examining the influence of familial health histories. Using a genetic/environmental model, we hypothesize that individuals' assessments of th...2014-01-01
20 Brown, Barbara B.Adding maps (GPS) to accelerometry data to improve study participants recall of physical activity: a methodological advance in physical activity researchObjective Obtaining the ‘when, where and why' of healthy bouts of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) provides insights into natural PA. Design In Salt Lake City, Utah, adults wore accelerometer and Global Positioning System (GPS) loggers for a week in a cross-sectional study to establis...2014-01-01
21 Yu, ZhouImmigrants and housing markets in mid-size metropolitan areasThe recent trend of immigrants arriving in mid-size metropolitan areas has received growing attention in the literature. This study examines the success of immigrants in the housing markets of a sample 60 metropolitan areas using Census microdata in both 2000 and 2005. The results suggest that immig...2009
22 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Alone in the ivory tower: how birth events vary among male and female fast-track professionalsWe use data from the 2000 Census Public Use Microsample to examine the likelihood of a birth event, defined as the household presence of a child under two years old, for male and female professionals. Physicians have the highest rate of birth events, followed in order by attorneys and academics. W...Fertility; Family; Occupation; Academic careers; Census2009-06-10
23 McDaniel, SusanLes femmes dans un Canada en voie de vieillissement: une approche féministeLe vieillessement de la population est un des thèmes majeurs de discussion en cette fin de XXe siècle, tous les pays développés étant engagés dans le processus. Certains redoutent l'insuffisance des ressources requises pour le bien-être des personnes âgées; d'autres considèrent le vieilli...1989
24 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriFamily structure and child well-being: examining the role of parental social connectionsThis paper examines the role of parental social connections in accounting for subgroup differences in the influence of family structure on children. Our previous work found that white, but not black, children were negatively influenced by living in a singleparent family (Dunifon and Kowaleski-Jon...Sociology; Parenting; Offspring2003-10-03
25 Zick, Cathleen D.; Smith, Ken R.; Brown, Barbara B.; Fan, Jessie Xiaojing; Kowaleski-Jones, LoriPhysical activity during the transition from adolescence to adulthoodBackground: We examine how age, life course roles, and contextual variables relate to both the composition and the overall level of physical activity in late adolescence and early adulthood. Methods: Data on 15-29 year old respondents in the 2003 American Time Use Survey are used to estimate mul...Time use; Active leisure; Team sports; Active transportation2006-11-10
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