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1 Assimilation and Rising Taiwanese Identity: Taiwan-born Immigrants in the United States, 1990-2000This study examines why a growing percentage of Taiwan-born immigrants in the U.S. have identified themselves as Taiwanese rather than ethnic Chinese in the U.S. decennial censuses between 1990 and 2000. The trend appears inconsistent with the assimilation theory, which postulates that ethnic groups...Taiwanese; immigration; identity; economic status; United States2009-06-01
2 Macro effects on the household formation of China s young adults demographics institutional factors and regional differencesHousehold formation, or the extent to which population is transferred into households, determines housing demand and reflects housing wellbeing. Young adults, who are new entrants to the housing market and sensitive to changing market conditions, have faced many challenges in China's fledging housin...Household formation; headship rates; housing demand; the post 1970 generation; demographics; regional differences; non-family households2017-01-24
3 Internet Access, Spillover and Regional Development in ChinaAs Internet access grows at different rates across regions, the Internet has had variable effects on regional economies through agglomeration and spillover effects. This paper uses province-level panel data from 2000 to 2013 to study inequality in Internet access, its spatial effect on regional econ...Digital divide; Internet access; spillover effect; regional economic development; China2017-06-03
4 Innovation in human/social guiseIn this chapter, innovation is viewed from a step further back, as an astronaut might see the earth from space. It is not seen as something analysed as a linear, technical process, whether incremental or radical. Nor is it seen as a process in which social context adds to the mix of other factors to...Innovation; Social process2006
5 Heterogeneity and dynamics in China's emerging housing marketChina's emerging housing market, as a critical element of ongoing economic reforms, has drawn increasing attention. The complete abandonment of the socialist housing allocation system in the late 1990s has led to profound changes in housing distribution and consumption in urban China. This article, ...Housing distribution; Housing reform; Chinese Census; Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing
6 Does daylight savings time encourage physical activity?Background: Extending Daylight Savings Time (DST) has been identified as a policy intervention that may encourage physical activity. However, there has been little research on the question of if DST encourages adults to be more physically active. Methods: Data from residents of Arizona, Colorado, Ne...2014-01-01
7 Physical activity mediates the relationship between perceived crime safety and obesityObjective. The current cross-sectional study tests whether low perceived crime safety is associated with body mass index (BMI) and obesity risk and whether less moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) accounts for part of this relationship. Method. Adults (n=864) from a relatively low-income a...2014-01-01
8 Challenges to health promotion among older working womenThe work site, has, been a place of successful health promotion among; certain groups, most notably men in management. The potential of work site health promotion among women, particularly among' older working women, remains unexplored.. Given women's greater longevity and women's likelihood of spen...Workers; Longevity; Aging1988
9 Guided group discussion and attitude change: the roles of normative and informational influenceGroup discussion has effectively changed attitudes and behaviors compared to individually-targeted messages (Lewin, 1952; Werner, 2003). This study examines the roles of normative and informational social influence in this effect. High school students heard a message about replacing toxic products w...Elaboration likelihood model; ELM; Waste reduction; Sustainability; Household hazardous waste; HHW; Toxic waste; Nontoxic alternatives; Group discussion2008-03
10 Family structure and voter turnoutWe use data from the Voting and Registration Supplement of the Current Population Survey to explore the effects of family structure on turnout in the 2000 presidential election. Our results indicate that family structure, defined as marital status and the presence of children, has substantial implic...United States; Politics; Democracy; Families; Demography2006-09-19
11 Community contributions to scholastic successThe authors examine the influence of neighborhood characteristics on the academic outcomes of children in middle childhood. Prior research has examined structural features of the community and has evaluated their associations with youth outcomes (Brooks-Gunn, Duncan, Klebanov, & Sealand, 1993; Kowal...Academic development; Child development; Developmental psychology2006-05
12 Reported attitudes of Edmonton women towards abortionAbortion is a topic that many Canadians feel strongly about and one that has attracted a lot of public attention and debate in the past few years. Much of this attention can be attributed to the reactions of various people and organizations to the new amendments to the Canadian criminal code passed ...1976
13 Problems in the pipeline: gender, marriage, and fertility in the ivory towerWomen have traditionally fared worse than men in the workplace. In few places has this been more apparent than higher education (Jacobs, 1996). In 2003, women received 47% of PhDs awarded (National Center for Education Statistics [NCES], 2005a) but comprised only 35% of tenured or tenure-track fac...Family; Career; Marital Status2008
14 Attachment security among mothers and their young children living in poverty: associations with maternal, child, and contextual characteristicsIn order to extend previous research and inform intervention programs, the goal of the present study was to further understand variability in mother-child attachment security among high-risk families living in poverty. Mothers (65% Hispanic) and their young children who were in a home visitor progr...Attachment security2003
15 Social cohesion and gender: reflections on tendencies and tensionsSocial cohesion, in various guises, has become a topic of great interest in recent years -- to policy, to sociologists and other social scientists, and to the public. The knit of social fabric is dependent on relationality, on social caring and connectedness, on a sense of social cohesion. Questio...Social cohesion; Gender; Diversity; Inequality2003
16 The association between adult mortality risk and family history of longevity: the moderating effects of socioeconomic statusStudies consistently show that increasing levels of socioeconomic status (SES) and having a familial history of longevity reduce the risk of mortality. But do these two variables interact, such that individuals with lower levels of SES, for example, may experience an attenuated longevity penalty by ...2014-01-01
17 Familial effects of BRCA1 genetic mutation testing: changes in perceived family functionsThis study expands recent research that examines how the receipt of BRCA1 genetic test results affects family adaptability and cohesion one year after genetic risk notification. Study participants were members of a large Utah-based kindred with an identified mutation at the BRCA1 locus. The final sa...Family functioning; Family cohesion; Family adaptability; Genetic testing; BRCA12006-07-27
18 Social and environmental infantilization of aged persons: observations in two adult day care centersThis study examines the social environments, staff behavior, and social interaction of elderly clients in two adult day care centers. Goffman's (1961) description of the psycho-social effects of the "total institution" is used as a framework for conceptualizing the effects of "partial institutions" ...Infantilization2001
19 Health care in an aging Canada: constraint or choice?It is often presumed that population aging will result in increased demand for health care, with older Canadians seen as a "burden" to the working population. Yet, such a presumption of direct correlation (with implied causality) belies the complex questions of societal choices in expenditures: fac...Age factors; Canada; Health care costs1994
20 Kindergarten readiness and performance of Latino children participating in Reach Out and ReadBackground: Literacy is a vital skill that forms the basis for academic, occupational, and social success. Minority populations, especially immigrant Latinos in the US, have achievement gaps in literacy when compared to the White population. The Reach Out and Read (ROR) program is a pediatric, prima...2012-01-01
21 Social bases of neonatal and postneonatal mortality: an ecological analysis of Alberta, CanadaCanada's steady downward trend in mortality in the twentieth century has not been matched by a similar decline in infant mortality. This paper examines, by reference to census divisions in Alberta, the degree to which neonatal and postneonatal mortality are related to environmental factors. Although...Death; Exogeneous; Rates1981
22 Effects of childhood and middle-adulthood family conditions on later-life mortality: evidence from the Utah population database, 1850-2002How do parents affect the health and longevity of their children? Parents can affect their children's life chances by transmitting a genetic endowment (or liability) for a long life while also providing resources and an environment that enhances (or limits) their children's longevity. Recently, m...Growth; Death; Adolescence; Geriatrics2005-01-05
23 Association of physical and behavioral characteristics with menstrual cycle patterns in women age 29-31 yearsWe examined the association between menstrual cycle characteristics(cycle length, variability, and bleeding length) and physical and behavioral attributes in 766 women age 29-31 years. Menstrual cycled at a were prospectively recorded as part of the Menstruation and Reproductive History Study of col...1996
24 Household food expenditure patterns: a cluster analysisThe 2001 report titled "The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity" identified overweight and obesity as major public health problems, costing U.S. society as much as $117 billion a year and posing as great a threat of death as poverty, smoking, or problem ...Food expenditure; Buying habits; Buying patterns2007
25 Heterogeneity in Asian American homeownership: the impact of household endowments and immigrant statusRecently, research has begun to investigate the reasons for differences in homeownership rates between Asian and whites. This paper extends this research by examining the heterogeneity that exists across Asian groups in the United States. We find that there are important differences across geog...Immigrants; Homeownership2003
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