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1 Harrison, Reid R.CMOS imager with on-chip temporal filtering for motion pre-processingRobust motion detection algorithms such as the motion energy model require temporal filtering at the pixel level. We have designed and tested a CMOS imager with integrated, pixel-level temporal filtering necessary for motion detection. This temporal filtering enhances transients and provides a ...2002-01-01
2 Myers, Chris J.Timed state space exploration using POSETsAbstract-This paper presents a new timing analysis algorithm for efficient state space exploration during the synthesis of timed circuits or the verification of timed systems. The source of the computational complexity in the synthesis or verification of a timed system is in finding the reachable ti...2000
3 Mathews, V. JohnAdaptive lattice bilinear filtersAbstract-This paper presents two fast least squares lattice algorithms for adaptive nonlinear filters equipped with bilinear system models. Bilinear models are attractive for adaptive filtering applications because they can approximate a large class of nonlinear systems adequately, and usually with...1993
4 Stringfellow, Gerald B.; Shurtleff, James KevinHeterostructures in GaInP grown using a change in Te dopingIn organometallic vapor phase epitaxy, changes in growth conditions can be used to modulate the extent of CuPt ordering and, hence, the band gap energy of GaInP. One method is to add Te during growth. An increase in the band gap energy of 0.1 eV due to a decrease in ordering has been obtained by ...Heterostructures; Alloys2000
5 Harrison, Reid R.; Rieth, Loren W.; Tathireddy, Prashant; Solzbacher, FlorianLong term in vitro stability of fully integrated wireless neural interfaces based on Utah slant electrode arrayWe herein report in vitro functional stability and recording longevity of a fully integrated wireless neural interface (INI). The INI uses biocompatible Parylene-C as an encapsulation layer, and was immersed in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) for a period of over 150 days. The full functionality ...2010
6 Myers, Chris J.Design of a genetic muller C-elementSynthetic biology uses engineering principles to design circuits out of genetic materials that are inserted into bacteria to perform various tasks. While synthetic combinational Boolean logic gates have been constructed, there are many open issues in the design of sequential logic gates. One such g...2007
7 Rieth, Loren W; Solzbacher, FlorianHigh speed wafer scale bulge testing for the determination of thin film mechanical propertiesA wafer scale bulge testing system has been constructed to study the mechanical properties of thin films and microstructures. The custom built test stage was coupled with a pressure regulation system and optical profilometer which gives high accuracy three-dimensional topographic images collected on...2010
8 Furse, Cynthia M.Capacitance and inductance sensor circuits for detecting the lengths of open- and short-circuited wiresThe length of an open- or short-circuited wire is linearly proportional to the capacitance or inductance of the wire, respectively. Several types of simple and inexpensive circuits are introduced to measure these values. Open-circuited (capacitance) measurements are very effective. Short-circuited ...Aging aircraft wire; Capacitance sensors; Fault detection; Inductance sensors2009-08
9 Stringfellow, Gerald B.; Shurtleff, James KevinBi surfactant effects on ordering in GaInP grown by organometallic vapor-phase epitaxyThe effect of the isoelectronic surfactant Bi on surface structure and ordering has been studied for GaInP semiconductor alloys grown by organometallic vapor-phase epitaxy. A small amount of Bi trimethylbismuth added during growth is found to result in disordering for layers grown using conditions t...Surfactant; Semiconductors; Trimethylbismuth2000
10 Mastrangelo, Carlos H.; Young, Darrin J.Personal navigation via high-resolution gait-corrected inertial measurement unitsAbstract-In this paper, a personal micronavigation system that uses high-resolution gait-corrected inertial measurement units is presented. The goal of this paper is to develop a navigation system that uses secondary inertial variables, such as velocity, to enable long-term precise navigation in th...2010
11 Harrison, Reid R.Local field potential measurement with low-power analog integrated circuitLocal field potentials (LFPs) in the brain are an important source of information for basic research and clinical (i.e., neuroprosthetic) applications. The energy contained in certain bands of LFPs in the 10-100 Hz range has been shown to correlate with specific arm movement parameters in nonhuman ...Local field potentials; Neural recording; Low-power circuit design; Neural prosthesis; VLSI2004-01-01
12 Furse, Cynthia M.Impedance of a short dipole antenna in a magnetized plasma via a finite difference time domain modelThe traditional analytical analysis of plasma probes requires the use of quasi-static approximations, while numerical methods require the use of an equivalent dispersive media, both producing a nontrivial analysis of the plasma environment. On the other hand, a few techniques that combine the plasm...Antenna theory; finite-difference time-domain; FDTD; Plasma covered antennas; Plasma measurements2005-08
13 Tasdizen, Tolga; Whitaker, Ross T.Higher-order nonlinear priors for surface reconstructionAbstract-For surface reconstruction problems with noisy and incomplete range data, a Bayesian estimation approach can improve the overall quality of the surfaces. The Bayesian approach to surface estimation relies on a likelihood term, which ties the surface estimate to the input data, and the prior...2004
14 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Electrical properties of nitrogen doped GaPThe electrical properties namely, electron concentration and mobility, have been investigated in the temperature range from 53 to 400 K for undoped and nitrogen-doped VPE GaP.Electron concentration; Ionization energy; Electron mobility1975
15 Myers, Chris J.Timed event/level structuresThis paper presents timed event/level(TEL) structures, an extension to timed event-rule structures, which allows the general use of signal levels and timing in the specification of an asynchronous circuit. TEL structures can express true OR causality, as well as language constructs that are very dif...1997
16 Furse, Cynthia M.; Gandhi, Om P.State of the science regarding RF dosimetry, measurement and certificationCellular telephones and wireless personal communication systems (PCS) are being introduced into society at a very rapid rate. Whereas the present-day cellular telephones in the United States operate at midband transmission frequencies of about 835 MHz (about 900 MHz in Europe), higher frequencies o...RF dosimetry; Cell phone safety1996
17 Normann, Richard A.; Campbell, Patrick K.; Jones, Kelly E.; Huber, Robert J.; Horch, Kenneth W.Silicon-based, three-dimensional neural interface: manufacturing processes for an intracortical electrode arrayA method has been developed for the manufacture of a "three-dimensional" electrode array geometry for chronic intracortical stimulation. This silicon based array consists of a 4.2 x 4.2 x 0.12 mm thick monocrystalline substrate, from which project 100 conductive, silicon needles sharpened to facilit...Electric Stimulation; Electrodes, Implanted; Sensory Cortex; Intracortical Electrode Array1991
18 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Miscibility gaps and spinodal decomposition in III/V quaternary alloys of the type AxByC1−x−yDThermodynamic concepts have been developed for the calculation of solid-phase miscibility gaps and spinodal decomposition in quaternary alloys of the type AxByC1−x−yD. These concepts have been applied to the analysis of III/V quaternary alloys using the delta-lattice-parameter (DLP) solution mod...Thermodynamics; Quartenary alloys; Coherent decomposition1983-01
19 Mastrangelo, Carlos H.From chips to dust: the MEMS shatter secure chipThis paper presents the implementation of a transience mechanism for silicon microchips via low-temperature post-processing steps that transform almost any electronic, optical or MEMS substrate chips into transient ones. Transience is achieved without any hazardous or explosive materials. Triggered ...2014-01-01
20 Myers, Chris J.Formal verification of genetic circuitsResearchers are beginning to be able to engineer synthetic genetic circuits for a range of applications in the environmental, medical, and energy domains [1]. Crucial to the success of these efforts is the development of methods and tools to verify the correctness of these designs. This verification...2012-01-01
21 Mastrangelo, Carlos H.MEMS-based hemispherical resonator gyroscopesThis paper introduces a fabrication technique that uses planar MEMS micromachining processes to produce hemispherical resonating shells for gyroscopes. The hemispheres exhibit a quality factor in excess of 20,000 with resonant frequencies in the range of 20 kHz for the 4-node wineglass mode. The fab...2012-01-01
22 Mathews, V. JohnEqualization of excursion and current-dependent nonlinearities in loudspeakersThis paper presents a novel equalizer for nonlinear distortions in direct-radiator loudspeakers in a closed cabinet by constructing an exact inverse of an electro-mechanical model of the loudspeaker. This exact inverse compensates for distortions introduced by excursion and current-dependent nonline...2014-01-01
23 Stevens, KennethEnhanced SDC support for relative timing designs2009-01-01
24 Simpson, Jamesina J.FDTD modeling of a novel ELF radar for major oil deposits using a three-dimensional geodesic grid of the earth-ionosphere waveguideThis paper reports the first application of an optimized geodesic, three-dimensional (3-D) finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) grid to model impulsive, extremely low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic wave propagation within the entire Earth-ionosphere cavity. This new model, which complements our pre...2006-01-01
25 Khan, Faisal HabibFabrication processes and experimental validation of a planar PV power system with monolithically embedded power convertersThis paper summarizes the research outcome intended to identify the most suitable device architecture and its implementation for cell-level power conversion in a photovoltaic (PV) system. The fabrication process to accommodate the power conditioning unit with the PV cells using the same process run ...2012-01-01
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