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1 Morse theory and its applicationir_uspaceText; Image
2 Remote visualizationir_uspaceText; Image
3 Image registrationir_uspaceText; Image
4 A User Interface Model and Tools for Geometric Designir_computersaText
5 Carr-Distributed_C++ir_computersaText
6 Matching shapes using the current distanceir_uspaceText; Image
7 Direct equivalence testingir_uspaceText; Image
8 Understanding global climate changeir_uspaceText; Image
9 A code size microbenchmark for Cir_uspaceText; Image
10 Optimizing Inverse Electrocardiographic Problem: Hybrid and High-Order Finite Element Methodir_uspaceText; Image
11 A directional occlusion shading model for interactive direct volume renderingir_uspaceText; Image
12 Introduction to computer conceptsir_uspaceText
13 Mobility Assisted Secret Key Generationir_uspaceText; Image
14 Finding compiler bugs with random testingir_uspaceText; Image
15 DeepPeep: A Form Search Engineir_uspaceText; Image
16 SWEL: hardware cache coherence protocols to map shared data onto shared cachesir_uspaceText; Image
17 Exploring Knowledge-Rich Solutions to Noun Phrase Coreference Resolutionir_uspaceText; Image
18 Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition of vector fields on 2-manifoldsir_uspaceText; Image
19 Graphical man/machine communications: November 19661966-11ir_uspaceText
20 Graphical man/machine communications: May 19671967-05ir_uspaceText
21 Improving communication between man and computers: some recent developments1967-10-11ir_uspaceText
22 GS--Graphics System1967-11-15ir_computersaText
23 A hidden line algorithm for halftone picture representation1968ir_uspaceText
24 Graphical man/machine communications: November 19681968ir_uspaceText
25 Graphical man/machine communications: February 19681968-02ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 1,149