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1 Shimko, AlisonSex as a Potential Source of Bias in Adult Judgments of Children with Neurodevelopmental DisorderPrevious research has shown the tendency for people to assign negative attributes to children with a variety of disabilities including neurodevelopmental disorders. The purpose of this study was to examine potential differences in ratings assigned by participants based on their sexes (Rater Male (RM...2017
2 Pittam, Emily BuhlerClinically Significant Outcomes of a Multidimensional Intensive Stuttering ClinicThis study examined the etiology, symptoms, and treatments of stuttering. Its main purpose was to report a series of treatment outcome measures of the 2018 University of Utah Intensive Stuttering Clinic (ISC). The clinic implemented both stuttering management treatment (behaviors and emotions relate...2019
3 Caine, TeahThe influence of compression on behavioral estimates of frequency resolutionThis study focuses on the ability of the auditory system to decompose sounds into their individual frequency components. This "frequency resolution" is a fundamental aspect of auditory processing and is known to influence the perception of speech and other ecologically relevant stimuli. Invasive phy...Cochlear compression - Research; Cochlea's basilar membrane2012-05
4 Jimenez, Cecilia CardozoSocial-Emotional Problems in Toddlers: Relationship with Language Development and Autism RiskPurpose:Children with language delays are at increased risk for persistent difficulties such as language disorder, learning disability, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Further, the presence of a language delay may also indicate risk for social-emotional problems. However, research examining so...Language Development Disorders - in infancy & childhood2016-08
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