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1 Student feedback measures: meta-analysisThis study was presented as an interim report from the Chair of the Student Course Feedback Oversight Committee to the oversight committee and to the Academic Senate Executive Committee in April, 2012. Over the ensuing year it has been updated with additional analyses and is provided here as a final...Student feedback; Faculty retention; Faculty promotion; Faculty tenure2013-03
2 Productivity, screens, and aspect ratiosQuestions revolving around computer screen display configurations and capabilities have been raised within industry since the introduction of the color computer display in the mid- 1980s. Each innovation has added new questions about the effect of display attributes on productivity. Today's display ...Computer display performance; Computer display usability2007
3 Productivity and multi-screen displaysA Comparison of Single Monitor, Multiple Monitor, and Multiple Monitor with Hydravision®Computer Displays over Simulated Office Tasks across Performance and UsabilityComputer displays; Office productivity2003-07-18
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