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1 In situ production of Utah oil sandsDeo, Milind situ; oil sands production; Utah oil sands; in situ process; thermal simulator; thermal compositional model; steam assisted gravity drainage; SAGD; heterogenetics; in-situ combustion; hydraulic fracture; hybrid processUniversity of Utah, Institute for Clean and Secure Energy2009-02-27
2 Industrial petroleum research at the University of UtahDeo, Milind D.industrial petroleum; University of Utah; oil and gas characterization; oil and gas thermodynamics; Unconventional ConsortiumUniversity of Utah, Institute for Clean and Secure Energy2008-03-12
3 Production of hydrogen for upgrading of heavy oil: Senior design project--Spring 2009Dunyon, Erin; Powell, Kody; Wilkey, Jonathanoil supply; conventional oil sources; unconventional oil sources; oil shale; synthetic crude production; shale oilUniversity of Utah, Department of Chemical Engineering2009-04-22
4 Underground coal thermal treatment research at the University of UtahPugmire, Ronunderground coal; thermal treatment research; University of Utah; underground coal pyrolysis; SNG yeilds; UCTTUniversity of Utah2011-03-23
5 A unified approach to the various formulations of the one-dimensional-turbulence modelSutherland, James C.; Punati, Naveen Kumar; Kerstein, Alan R.One-Dimensional Turbulence model; ODT; Stand-alone ODT models; Predicting turbulence statistics; Nonreacting flows; Reacting flows; Governing equations; Turbulent flow field; Linear Eddy Model; Eddy eventsUniversity of Utah, Institute for Clean and Secure Energy2010-01
6 Particle image velocimetry of pulverized oxy-coal flamesel Gendy, Husam; Preciado, Ignacio; Ring, Terry; Eddings, Ericoxy-fuel combustion of pulverized coal; oxy-fuel; pulverized coal; power production; carbon capture and sequestration; emission reductionsUniversity of Utah, Department of Chemical Engineering2010-11-10
7 Interaction between reactivity and flow in the in-situ production of oil from oil shaleBauman, Jacob; Deo, Milindin situ; oil shaleUniversity of Utah, Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute for Clean and Secure energy2009-10-23
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