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1 Underground coal thermal treatment research at the University of Utah6th Annual International Conference & Workshop on Underground Coal Gasification, 23rd - 24th March 2011underground coal; thermal treatment research; University of Utah; underground coal pyrolysis; SNG yeilds; UCTT2011-03-23
2 Production of hydrogen for upgrading of heavy oil: Senior design project--Spring 2009An important technical hurdle to the production of oil from abundant oil shale resources is how to create enough hydrogen for upgrading the heavy oils produced from the shale prior to transport through pipelines. In order to avoid clogging pipelines during transport roughly 350scm (standard cubic me...oil supply; conventional oil sources; unconventional oil sources; oil shale; synthetic crude production; shale oil2009-04-22
3 Particle image velocimetry of pulverized oxy-coal flamesOxy-fuel combustion of pulverized coal is a promising technology for cost-effective power production with carbon capture and sequestration that has impacts on emission reductions. To fully understand the behavior of turbulent oxy-coal flames, and to validate oxy-coal simulation models, accurate expe...oxy-fuel combustion of pulverized coal; oxy-fuel; pulverized coal; power production; carbon capture and sequestration; emission reductions2010-11-10
4 Interaction between reactivity and flow in the in-situ production of oil from oil shaleIn-situ Oil Shale Processing: 1) Underground resources are heated by some means to convert insoluable/ impermeable kerogen into oil and gas products. 2) The interlinked processes of heat transfer, kerogen conversion and flow are complex. 3) This paper is an attempt to understand these linkages.in situ; oil shale2009-10-23
5 In situ production of Utah oil sandsAnalysis of issues relevant to in situ production of Utah oil sands, presented at the 2009 Western U.S. Oil Sands Conference by Milind Deo, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Utah.in situ; oil sands production; Utah oil sands; in situ process; thermal simulator; thermal compositional model; steam assisted gravity drainage; SAGD; heterogenetics; in-situ combustion; hydraulic fracture; hybrid process2009-02-27
6 Industrial petroleum research at the University of UtahExpertise: Oil and Gas Characterization, Hydrocarbon Thermodynamics -High-temperature, high high-pressure oil oil-gas mixtures -Supercritical extraction -Solid (asphaltenes, waxes) precipitation precipitation -Reservoir Characterization and Simulation -Fractured reservoir simulation -Reaction chemis...industrial petroleum; University of Utah; oil and gas characterization; oil and gas thermodynamics; Unconventional Consortium2008-03-12
7 A unified approach to the various formulations of the one-dimensional-turbulence modelThe One-Dimensional Turbulence (ODT) model has been successfully applied as a stand-alone model for predicting turbulence statistics in both nonreacting and reacting flows. There are several formulations of the model in the literature, and most of the variable-density formulations do not clearly dis...One-Dimensional Turbulence model; ODT; Stand-alone ODT models; Predicting turbulence statistics; Nonreacting flows; Reacting flows; Governing equations; Turbulent flow field; Linear Eddy Model; Eddy events2010-01
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