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1 Mitchell, Joyce A.Nanoinformatics: a new area of research in nanomedicineAbstract: Over a decade ago, nanotechnologists began research on applications of nanomaterials for medicine. This research has revealed a wide range of different challenges, as well as many opportunities. Some of these challenges are strongly related to informatics issues, dealing, for instance, wit...2012-01-01
2 Mitchell, Joyce A.Personalized medicineWith the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, the world's attention has focused on converting this vast storehouse of information into innovative health care solutions. The ultimate promise, assuming we know everyone's genotype, is to ensure that every person has optimum health throughout...2007-01-01
3 Mitchell, Joyce A.Quality evaluation of controlled clinical information service trialsRandomized controlled clinical trials are increasingly accepted as tools of computer technology assessment and, therefore, quality evaluation of trials has great theoretical and practical significance. The purpose of this study was to assist the design of evaluation studies and synthesis of publishe...1993-01-01
4 Mitchell, Joyce A.Retrieval from full-text medical literature: the dream & the realityWhile the retrieval of the full-text of a document might seem to end all the hassle of using traditional retrieval systems, the results of the MEDLINE/Full-Text Project indicate that retrieval from the current full-text databases of biomedical journal literature does not match the dream. During the ...1991-01-01
5 Mitchell, Joyce A.Using information prescriptions to refer patients with metabolic conditions to the Genetics Home Reference websiteObjectives: The objectives of this study were to assess the reactions of adult patients and parents of children with metabolic conditions to receipt of an ‘‘information prescription'' (IP) to visit Genetics Home Reference (GHR), a National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine online...2011-01-01
6 Mitchell, Joyce A.Predicting phenotypic severity of uncertain gene variants in the RET Proto-OncogeneAlthough reported gene variants in the RET oncogene have been directly associated with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 and hereditary medullary thyroid carcinoma, other mutations are classified as variants of uncertain significance (VUS) until the associated clinical phenotype is made clear. Cur...2011-01-01
7 Mitchell, Joyce A.Preliminary evaluation of learning via the AI/LEARN/Rheumatology interactive videodisc systemAI/LEARN/Rheumatology is a level three videodisc system to teach clinical observational skills in three important diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. The AI/LEARN software was developed on an independent authoring system called GALE designed for MS-DOS based c...1992-01-01
8 Mitchell, Joyce A.Use of a microcomputer database system in a statewide effort for data collection in medical geneticsThe Genetics Office Automation System (GOAS) is a database management system for the collection and reporting of medical genetics data. We have previously reported on its implementation in a single university center [1,2]. We report here on its implementation in a coordinated data collection effort ...1991-01-01
9 Warner, Homer R.The HELP SystemBiomedical Informatics1983
10 Warner, Homer R.Decision Support in Medicine: Examples from the HELP SystemBiomedical Informatics1994
11 Warner, Homer R.The HELP SystemBiomedical Informatics1982
12 Warner, Homer R.The HELP Hospital Information System: Update 1998Biomedical Informatics1999
13 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Hospital-Wide System for Computer-Based Support of Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1981
14 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Program for Medical Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1972
15 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Computer System for Medical Decision MakingBiomedical Informatics1975
16 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Total Hospital Information SystemBiomedical Informatics1980
17 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Medical Information System Which Combines Automated Medical Decision-Making With Clinical Data Review and Administrative SupportBiomedical Informatics1985
18 Warner, Homer R.HELP Decision Support on the MacintoshBiomedical Informatics1987
19 Warner, Homer R.Some Computer Techniques of Value for Study of CirculationBiomedical Informatics1965
20 Warner, Homer R.Subtotal Hysterectomy in Modern Gynecology: A Decision AnalysisBiomedical Informatics1997
21 Warner, Homer R.Routine vs. Priority Procedures: Challenging the Medical CheckupBiomedical Informatics1970
22 Warner, Homer R.Simulation as a Tool for Biological ResearchBiomedical Informatics1964
23 Warner, Homer R.Some Approaches to Computerized Medical DiagnosisBiomedical Informatics1972
24 Warner, Homer R.Simulation of a Multiphasic Screening Procedure for Hospital AdmissionsBiomedical Informatics1971
25 Warner, Homer R.Some Changes in Medical Informatics (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1990
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