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1 Warner, Homer R."Painless" Myocardial InfarctionBiomedical Informatics1951
2 Warner, Homer R.The Central Arterial Pressure Pulse Contour as an Index to Left Ventricular Stroke Volume in ManBiomedical Informatics1953
3 Warner, Homer R.Quantitation of Stroke Volume Changes in Man From the Central Pressure PulseBiomedical Informatics1954
4 Warner, Homer R.Influence of Hypoxia on the Pulmonary Circulation of Nonnarcotized DogsBiomedical Informatics1954
5 Warner, Homer R.Measurement of Pressures in Man by Cardiac CathetersBiomedical Informatics1954
6 Warner, Homer R.Measurement of Pressures by Cardiac Catheters in ManBiomedical Informatics1954
7 Warner, Homer R.A Study of the Mechanism of Pressure Wave Distortion by Arterial Walls Using an Electrical AnalogBiomedical Informatics1957
8 Warner, Homer R.Quantitation of Backflow in Patients with Aortic Insufficiency Using an Indicator TechnicBiomedical Informatics1958
9 Warner, Homer R.The Frequency-Dependent Nature of Blood Pressure Regulation by the Carotid Sinus Studied with an Electric AnalogBiomedical Informatics1958
10 Warner, Homer R.The Use of an Analog Computer for Analysis of Control Mechanisms in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1959
11 Warner, Homer R.An Analysis of Leukocyte Radioactivity Curves Obtained with Radioactive Disssopropylflourophosphate (DFP)Biomedical Informatics1959
12 Warner, Homer R.Regulation of Cardiac Output Through Stroke VolumeBiomedical Informatics1960
13 Warner, Homer R.The Use of an Analog Computer for Analysis of Physiological SystemsBiomedical Informatics1960
14 Warner, Homer R.Effect of Heart Rate on Aortic Insufficiency as Measured by a Dye-Diluation TechniqueBiomedical Informatics1961
15 Warner, Homer R.Medical Diagnosis Using a Digital Computer and Analog Computer Technics in Study of Control Mechanisms in the Circulatory SystemBiomedical Informatics1961
16 Gardner, Reed M.Analog Computer Simulation of Heart ResponseBiomedical Informatics1961
17 Gardner, Reed M.Analog Computer Simulates Heart Response to Nerve StimulationBiomedical Informatics1961
18 Warner, Homer R.Analysis of the Role of Indicator Technics in Quantitation of Valvular RegurgitationBiomedical Informatics1962
19 Warner, Homer R.Use of Analogue Computers in the Study of Control Mechanisms in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1962
20 Warner, Homer R.Evaluation of a Computer Program for Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1963
21 Warner, Homer R.An Analysis of Granulocyte Kinetics in Blood and Bone MarrowBiomedical Informatics1964
22 Warner, Homer R.Simulation as a Tool for Biological ResearchBiomedical Informatics1964
23 Warner, Homer R.A Study of Dispersion of an Indicator in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1964
24 Warner, Homer R.The Role of Peripheral Resistance in Controlling Cardiac Output During ExerciseBiomedical Informatics1964
25 Warner, Homer R.Probability Theory in the Diagnosis of Cushing's SyndromeBiomedical Informatics1964
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