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1 Adams, Austin HowardA Comparison of Creatinine Measurement by the Jaffe and Enzymatic Methods in an Outpatient Population2014-12thesis
2 Chen, JieHemoglobin adsorption onto glass and polymersAnalysis; Denaturation1984-03thesis
3 Gupta, Kavita MadanlalNovel Technologies for Vaginal Delivery of MicrobicidesDrug Delivery Systems; AIDS (Disease)2009-12-21dissertation
4 Knight, Patricia MarieRole of physical and chemical properties on gas transfer and blood compatibility of urethane membranesThrombogenicity; Cell Adhesion1983-03dissertation
5 Allen, Christopher DelUse of Low-Dose Beta-Blockers to Treat Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome2014-12thesis
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