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1 Conus peptides as tools for the neuroscientistRecombinant DNA technology has had a powerful impact on understanding receptors and ion channels, the key components in the nervous system that are involved in intercellular communication. Cloning genes encoding these proteins has revealed that for every receptor and ion channel type, multiple molec...Conus peptides; Conotoxins1993
2 Open syntaxin docks synaptic vesiclesSynaptic vesicles dock to the plasma membrane at synapses to facilitate rapid exocytosis. Docking was originally proposed to require the soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion attachment protein receptor (SNARE) proteins; however, perturbation studies suggested that docking was independent of the...2007
3 Crystallization of the MS2 translational repressor alone and complexed to bromouridineThe coat protein from the MS2 bacteriophage plays a dual role by encapsidating viral RNA and also by binding RNA as a translational repressor. In order to study the isolated dimer in a conformation not influenced by capsid interactions, a mutant molecule was crystallized that is defective in capsid ...Crystallization; RNA Bacteriophage; RNA Hairpin; Translational Repressor1995
4 Grupos funcionales en arbustos deserticos del norte de Chile, definidos sobre la base de las fuentes de agua utilizadasLa productividad primaria y la estructura de la vegetación en ecosistemas áridos están determinadas por la disponibilidad de agua. En un estudio realizado en el secano costero del norte-centro de Chile (29/43'S; 71/14'O, 300 m) se compararon los mecanismos de utilización de distintas fuentes de...Grupos funcionales; Functional groups; Arbustos deserticos; Desert shrubs; Fuentes de agua; Water sources; Water availability; Arid ecosystems; Pastoreo con caprinos; Goat overgrazing1999-01-01
5 Housekeeping gene xanthine oxidoreductase is necessary for milk fat droplet enveloping and secretion: gene sharing in the lactating mammary gland.Xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) is the rate-limiting enzyme in purine catabolism occurring in most cell types. However, this housekeeping gene is expressed at very high levels in a number of mammalian tissues including the lactating mammary epithelium, suggesting additional roles for XOR in these tiss...Body Weight; Cell Differentiation; Cell Membrane; Epithelium2002-12-15
6 Characterization of lysozyme messenger and lysozyme synthesized in vitroIn vitro systems for protein systhesis have been in wide use for about 10 years. In most of the early work protein synthesis was measured by following the incorporation of radioactive amino acids into acid precipitable material. This test cannot distinguish between the synthesis of complete, activ...Lysozyme Messenger; Lysozyme Synthesized; Protein Synthesis1969
7 Nuclear magnetic resonance solution conformation of α-conotoxin AuIB, an α3ß4 subtype-selective neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonistThe neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors constitute a highly diverse group, with subtypes consisting of pentameric combinations of α and ß subunits. α-Conotoxins are a homologous series of small peptides that antagonize these receptors. We present the three-dimensional solution structure ...Conotoxins; a-conotoxin AuIB2000
8 Heterodimeric structure of the spider toxin ω-Agatoxin IA revealed by precursor analysis and mass spectrometryWe report the first molecular characterization of a precursor sequence for a small, Ca2+ channel blocking, peptide spider toxin, ω-agatoxin IA. By integrating information generated from a molecular genetic approach using agatoxin cDNAs with data provided from mass spectrometry of the mature tox...Spider toxin w-Aga-IA; Heterodimeric structure1992
9 Experimental support for a model of birdsong productionIn this work we present an experimental validation of a recently proposed model for the production of birdsongs. We have previously observed that driving the model with simple functions of time, which represent tensions in vocal muscles, produces a wide variety of sounds resembling birdsongs. In th...Vocal; Muscles; Syrinx2003
10 Initiation of E. coli proteins.Recent experiments and theoretical arguments suggest that formylmethionyl sRNA is employed as an initiator of protein synthesis. Studies also indicated that other phage proteins synthesized in the in vitro system were initiated with formylmethionine. These observations provided a basis for believin...Alanine; Chromatography, Paper; Dipeptides1966-06
11 Uprooting and snapping of trees: structural determinants and ecological consequencesThe influence of mechanical and architectural properties of trees on growth rates, mortality rates, and relative probabilities of snapping and uprooting were examined on Barro Colorado Island, Republic of Panama. Of 310 fallen trees, 70% snapped, 25% uprooted, and 5% broke off at ground level. Stepw...Snapping; Uprooting1983
12 Embolized conduits of rice (Oryza sativa, poaceae) refill despite negative xylem pressureEmbolism reversal in rice plants was studied by testing the plant's ability to refill embolized conduits while xylem pressures were substantially negative. Intact, potted plants were water-stressed to a xylem pressure of -1.88 + 0.1 MPa and a 66.3 + 3.8% loss of xylem conductivity (PLC) by cavitatio...Embolism; novel revilling; Oryza2005
13 Plant signalling: The opportunities and dangers of chemical communicationThe notion of chemical communication between plants and other organisms has gone from being viewed as a fringe idea to an accepted ecological phenomenon only recently. An Organized Oral Session at the August 2010 Ecological Society of America meeting in Pittsburgh examined the role of plant signall...2011
14 Developmental expression of REGA-1, a regionally expressed glial antigen in the central nervous system of grasshopper embryosGlial cells are a large component of the developing nervous system, appearing before the onset of axon outgrowth in a variety of developing systems. Their time of appearance and their location in conjunction with developing axon pathways may allow them to define the position of axon pathways.Antibody; Axons; Pathways1991
15 Targeted mutations in hoxa-9 and hoxb-9 reveal synergistic interactions.Mice were generated with a targeted disruption of the homeobox-containing gene hoxb-9. Mice homozygous for this mutation show defects in the development of the first and second ribs. In most cases the first and second ribs are fused near the point at which the first and second pairs of ribs normally...Embryonic and Fetal Development; In Situ Hybridization; Mice, Knockout1997-01-15
16 On a potential global role for vitamin K-dependent γ-carboxylation in animal systemsThe vitamin K-dependent γ-carboxylation of glutamate to γ-carboxyglutamate was originally well characterized in the mammalian blood clotting cascade. γ-Carboxyglutamate has also been found in a number of other mammalian proteins and in neuropeptides from the venoms of marine snails belonging to...Carboxylation; Glutamate; Carboxyglutamate; Carboxylase mRNA; Conantokin G2001
17 Caenorhabditis elegans rab-3 mutant synapses exhibit impaired function and are partially depleted of vesiclesRab molecules regulate vesicular trafficking in many different exocytic and endocytic transport pathways in eukaryotic cells. In neurons, rab3 has been proposed to play a crucial role in regulating synaptic vesicle release. To elucidate the role of rab3 in synaptic transmission, we isolated and cha...1997
18 Hematopoietic origin of pathological grooming in Hoxb8 mutant miceMouse Hoxb8 mutants show unexpected behavior manifested by compulsive grooming and hair removal similar to humans with OCD-spectrum disorder trichotillomania. Since Hox gene disruption often has pleiotropic effects, the root cause of this behavioral deficit was unclear. Here we report that, in the b...2010
19 Dislodgement effect of natural semiochemicals released by disturbed triatomines: a possible alternative monitoring toolThe quick detection of domestic and peridomestic triatomines in their environments becomes difficult without the use of dislodgement substances that flush them out from their shelters. At present, tetramethrin 0.2% is being widely used in control programs. Although it is an efficient dislodging agen...2013-01-01
20 Long-term models of oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage in insulin resistance progressionInsulin resistance, characterized by a reduced cellular response to insulin, is a major factor in type 2 diabetes pathogenesis, with a complex etiology consisting of a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Oxidative stress, which develops through an accumulation of toxic reactive oxygen ...2014-01-01
21 Cell-cell interactions during the migration of an identified commissural growth cone in the embryonic grasshopperOne of the fascicles of the posterior commissure of the embryonic grasshopper is pioneered by an individually identifiable neuron named Q1. Q1 initially grows along a longitudinal pathway established by another pioneer neuron, MPl, and then crosses to the midline, where it meets and fasciculates wi...Commissure; Pathfinding; Filopodia1993
22 Coding rate and duration of vocalizations of the frog , Xenopus laevisVocalizations involve complex rhythmic motor patterns, but the underlying temporal coding mechanisms in the nervous system are poorly understood. Using a recently developed whole-brain preparation from which "fictive" vocalizations are readily elicited in vitro, we investigated the cellular basis of...2012-08-29
23 Information collection and spread by networks of patrolling antsTo study how a social group, such as an ant colony, monitors events occurring throughout its territory, we present a model of a network of patrolling ants engaged in information collection and dissemination. In this network, individuals follow independent paths through a region and can exchange sign...Patrolling network; ant colony; information-gathering1992
24 Ecoimmunity in Darwin's finches: invasive parasites trigger acquired immunity in the medium ground finch (Geospiza fortis)Invasive parasites pose a serious threat to native animal populations, because hosts with no history of exposure may lack effective immune defenses. Invasive parasites are a particular threat to small, island populations [1,2]. For example, introduced malaria (Plasmodium relictum) has exacerbated t...Darwins finches; Ecoimmunity; Acquired immunity; Medium ground finch; Geospiza fortis; Invasive parasites; Novel parasites; Poxvirus avium; Nest flies; Philornis downsi2010-01-06
25 Mathematical modeling of liver injury and dysfunction after acetaminophen overdose: early discrimination between survival and deathAcetaminophen is the leading cause of acute liver injury in the developed world. Timely administration of N-Acetylcysteine (N-Ac) prevents the progression of serious liver injury and disease, while failure to administer N-Ac within a critical time frame allows disease progression and in the most sev...2012-01-01
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