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1 A comparison of Gosiute material culture and the archaeology of Western Utah1952ir_etdText
2 A Different Paradigm for the Initial Colonisation of Sahul: Archaeological, genetic, demographic and geographic perspectives2019-08-20ir_uspaceText
3 A land of work: foraging behavior and ecology2012-03-15ir_uspaceText
4 A social survey of the negro population of Salt Lake City, Utah1948ir_etdText
5 Adaptation of cancellous bone to habitual loading: trabecular architecture of the artiodactyl calcaneus2014-05ir_etdText
6 Adaptive responses to scarcity among lactating desert women2011-12ir_etdText
7 After the Rain: Using Paleoclimatic and Paleoecological Methods to Inform Archaeological Investigation in Baja California and Range Creek Canyon, Utah2017ir_etdText
8 Alternative aboriginal economies: Martu livelihoods in the 21st century2015ir_uspaceText
9 Alyawara plant use and optimal foraging theory1981ir_uspaceText
10 An analysis of Utah's Chicano civil rights movement through S.O.C.I.O. and its involvement in affirmative action programs, 1964-19842013-05ir_htoaText
11 Ancient MtDNA sequences from prehistoric north american arctic populations2015ir_etdText
12 Archaeological Potential of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument2018ir_uspaceText
13 Archaic admixture in modern humans2015ir_etdText
14 Arctic prehistory through ancient dna2016ir_etdText
15 Are peasants risk-averse decision makers?2002ir_uspaceText
16 Ascertainment bias for non-twin relatives in twin proband studies1982ir_uspaceText
17 Ascertainment bias in estimates of average heterozygosity1996-05ir_uspaceText
18 Assignment of relationship terms in Binumarien1977ir_uspaceText
19 Behavioral ecology and the future of archaeological science2015-01-01ir_uspaceText
20 Binumarien color categories1975ir_uspaceText
21 Biochemical heterozygosity and morphologic variation in a colony of papio hamadryas hamadryas baboons1994ir_uspaceText
22 Can females gain additional paternal investment by mating with multiple males? a game theoretic approach2001-11ir_uspaceText
23 Cathedral cave fishes2000ir_uspaceText
24 Codding, Brian: Living outside the box: An updated perspective on diet breadth and sexual division of labor in the Prearchaic Great Basin [Author's Manuscript]2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
25 Common property and cosmology: conservation incentives among the miskitu of nicaragua2015ir_etdText
1 - 25 of 152