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1 Austin-Wherritt House315 E. CenterHeber City
2 Blackley, George, House421 E. 200 NorthHeber City
3 Bonner, George, Jr., House90 E. MainMidway
4 Bonner, George, Sr., House103 E. MainMidway
5 Bonner, William, House110 E. MainMidway
6 Burgener--Boss Farmstead102 W. 100 NorthMidway
7 Clotworthy--McMillan House261 S. Main St.Heber City
8 Clyde, James William, House312 S. Main St.Heber City
9 Coleman, William, House180 N. CenterMidway
10 Crook, Heber and Matilda, House and Lake Creek Schoolhouse4800 E. Lake Creek Rd.Heber City
11 Crook, John, House188 W. 3rd NorthHeber City
12 Fisher, David, House125 E. 400 SouthHeber City
13 Hatch, Abram, House81 E. Center St.Heber City
14 Heber Second Ward Meetinghouse1st West and Center Sts.Heber City
15 Hewlett, Lester F. and Margaret Stewart, Ranch HouseOff UT 35Woodland
16 Huber, John, House and CreameryOff Snake Creek Rd.Midway
17 Midway Social Hall71 E. Main St.Midway
18 Midway Town Hall120 W. Main St.Midway
19 Murdoch, John, House261 N. 400 WestHeber City
20 Murdock, Joseph S., House115 E. Three-hundred NHeber City
21 Schneitter Hotel700 N. Homestead Dr.Midway
22 Snake Creek Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic DistrictUT 220Heber City
23 Stewart Ranch Foreman's HouseOff UT 35Woodland
24 Stewart, Barnard J., Ranch HouseOff UT 35Woodland
25 Stewart, Charles B., Ranch HouseOff UT 35Woodland
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