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1 Al Gilman studying.1940uum_map
2 Alfred Gilman, William Salter and Louis Goodman in lab coats.uum_map
3 Goodman working in a lab at Yale.uum_map
4 Louis Goodman and Alfred Gilman in San Francisco, 1955.uum_map
5 Louis Goodman and others lecturing a chemistry class.uum_map
6 Louis Goodman examining a lab rabbit with other doctors.uum_map
7 Louis Goodman in New Haven, 1941.uum_map
8 Louis Goodman overseeing a researcher.uum_map
9 Louis Goodman studying in his office.uum_map
10 Louis Goodman, Alfred Gilman and Henry G. Barbour at Yale University Medical School during the mid 1930s.uum_map
11 Portrait of Louis S. Goodman.uum_map
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