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1 "Andy" Anderson in his E. Maxwell Flanders car. Riding in the back of the car; Mr. and Mrs David Fisher. Taken at the Heber Power Plant near Heber, Utah.uum_map
2 A few of the children of Joseph Stacy Murdock. Left rear: Parley Murdock, Andrew Murdock, Alva Murdock, William Murdock, David N. Murdock, John Heber Murdock,and Frank Murdock. Front left: Ann Coleman, Margaret Murray, Ellen (Lottie) Wright, and Jane Hilton.uum_map
3 A.M. Murdock Pioneer Supply Store. Duchesne, Utah.1907uum_map
4 Andrew Murdock (barber), giving Charley Barton a shave in Duchesne.uum_map
5 Bill Bonner, sheriff with a Native American accused of murder in front of the Heber city jail.uum_map
6 Children of Mary E. & John Murdock; Children of Emily & John Murdock.uum_map
7 Elva & Inez Bunnell.uum_map
8 Elva & Inez Bunnell.uum_map
9 Elva Bunnell.uum_map
10 Emily Murdock.uum_map
11 Family of John and Emily Murdock.uum_map
12 Family of John and Emily Murdock.uum_map
13 Family of John and Emily Murdock.uum_map
14 Group Portrait: Esther Lindsay, Joseph T. Murdock, Rocksina M Brown, George C. Murdock, Charlotte M Wright, John H. Murdock, Eliza C. Murdock, Joseph S. Murdock, Sarah A.M. Lindsay.uum_map
15 Heber, Utah home of Joseph and John Murdock.uum_map
16 John and Mary Murdock.uum_map
17 John H. Murdock.uum_map
18 John H. Murdock..uum_map
19 John Murdock in 1927.uum_map
20 John Murdock's old home in St. Johns, Arizona.uum_map
21 John Murdock?uum_map
22 Joseph Murdock.uum_map
23 Joseph Stacy Murdock.uum_map
24 Main Street Duchesne w/ Pioneer Hotel, City Meat Market and Bakery.uum_map
25 Marella Murdock w/ the 8th grade class of Heber Central School.uum_map
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