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1 Parting view of Gregory Bridge1963-04-23uum_mapImage
2 Claret cups high above Escalante River [1]1963-04-24uum_mapImage
3 Dead Horse Point State Park parking area1965-08-10uum_mapImage
4 Bear Lake from west1966-07-21uum_mapImage
5 Colorado River canyonlands southwest of Moab [8]1960-10-25uum_mapImage
6 Along Navajo Trail, Bryce Canyon [5]1959-06-25uum_mapImage
7 Lone cottonwood tree along Cottonwood Wash Road1963-04-21uum_mapImage
8 Canyonlands National Park in winter snow, January 19731973-01-06uum_mapImage
9 Glen Canyon, new boat ramp at Wahweap1963-03-14uum_mapImage
10 Along road into Canyonlands National Park, January 19731973-01-06uum_mapImage
11 Newspaper Rock, Indian Creek State Park, Utah1973-01-06uum_mapImage
12 First rope area in approaching top of Rainbow Bridge1963-04-25uum_mapImage
13 Looking up from under Gregory Bridge1963-04-23uum_mapImage
14 Double O Arch1960-10-12uum_mapImage
15 Evening primrose, Glen Canyon1963-04-23uum_mapImage
16 Upstream from Gregory Natural Bridge, during lake rise [2]1965-09-21uum_mapImage
17 Cone of bristlecone pine, Cedar Breaks1966-07-04uum_mapImage
18 Hite Ferry, Utah, midway point1963-06-26uum_mapImage
19 Fiery Furnace, Arches National Park1960-10-26uum_mapImage
20 Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park, Utah1960-10-25uum_mapImage
21 Flaming Gorge Dam from north1968-10-19uum_mapImage
22 New housing for Island in the Sky, Canyonlands1965-08-10uum_mapImage
23 On Angels Landing trail, Zion [1]1959-06-24uum_mapImage
24 Scarlet gilia along Escalante River on bar1963-04-23uum_mapImage
25 Approaching Hole-in-the-Rock from down lake1963-04-26uum_mapImage
1 - 25 of 594