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1 Ferry at Hite1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
2 Gail Jensen, mayor of Manti1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
3 "Cleopatra" North Wash1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
4 Spence examines Moki storage1951-05uum_map_rrImage
5 Hole-in-the-Rock looking down from the top1951-05uum_map_rrImage
6 Seepage from Navajo sandstone canyon walls1951-05uum_map_rrImage
7 [no caption - men in power boat]1951-05uum_map_rrImage
8 Bert Loper's cabin; lived here 1907 to 1915, drowned in 1949 in Colo. R. rapids below Lees Ferry.1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
9 Mystery Canyon1951-05uum_map_rrImage
10 Bert Loper register at base of Sentinel Rock. 16.9 miles above Lees Ferry1951-05uum_map_rrImage
11 Music Temple. F.S. Dellenbaugh, Clem Powell, F.M. Bishop, Jack Hillars [sic - Hillers] [inscriptions] Carved 1869 [sic] - 18721951-05uum_map_rrImage
12 4th and last night camp on sandbar just up from Warm Cr[eek]1951-05-05uum_map_rrImage
13 Petroglyphs near mouth of Tickaboo. Spence found 2 arrowheads.1951-05uum_map_rrImage
14 Launching boats at Hite1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
15 3 boats and 9 men1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
16 Rainbow Bridge1951-05uum_map_rrImage
17 All this beauty is now under water1951-05uum_map_rrImage
18 Music Temple. Ft. row: Nan Barton, Dick Sears, H. Foulger, Wes Thomson. Sec. row: Spencer Olson, Gail Jensen, Dewey Anderson.1951-05uum_map_rrImage
19 Petroglyphs just west of mouth of Smiths Canyon1951-05uum_map_rrImage
20 Looking down "The-Hole-in-the-Rock" through narrowest passage1951-05uum_map_rrImage
21 Dinner in North Wash, between Hanksville and Hite1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
22 Model 30 Catepillar [tractor] at Gretchen Bar1951-05uum_map_rrImage
23 Petroglyphs just west of mouth of Smiths Canyon1951-05uum_map_rrImage
24 "Tapestry" wall1951-05uum_map_rrImage
25 Art [Arth] Chaffin; Ferry at Hite1951-05-02uum_map_rrImage
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