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1 Dugway in the Slick Rocks. "Where all the wagons got down, but not each in one piece!"1939uum_map_rrImage
2 Hole-in-the-Rock1939uum_map_rrImage
3 "Down through the Hole. What a sight to face a driver!"1939uum_map_rrImage
4 Up through the Hole1939uum_map_rrImage
5 Richardson and Whittaker - Pioneers of 1939. "They slept in their shirts and left their razors in Blanding!"1939uum_map_rrImage
6 Jim Mike - Ute Discoverer of Rainbow Bridge. "He didn't go for 'picture man!'"1939uum_map_rrImage
7 The Slick Rocks1939uum_map_rrImage
8 Desert Sand between Lake Gulch and Greenwater Spring1939uum_map_rrImage
9 Naked Rock and Lake Gulch1939uum_map_rrImage
10 The Desert buries its own dead- The dead furnishes its own headstone!1939uum_map_rrImage
11 "Zeke takes on a little nourishment!"1939uum_map_rrImage
12 Lunch time under a Cedar. "And keep your boots off the tablecloth," said Zeke. "It's not good manners."1939uum_map_rrImage
13 Sleep is sweet on clean solid rock. "We could sleep anywhere after a day in the saddle!"1939uum_map_rrImage
14 Ready to try a crossing of the River1939uum_map_rrImage
15 Store at Hole-in-the-Rock. "Some twenty years ago a man kept this little store. His chief merchandise was tobacco. His only customers, Indians from Navajo Mountain!"1939uum_map_rrImage
16 Mute Reminders of Mormon Road Building! "Holes drilled by hand in slopping rock- Pegs driven into the holes, Brush and logs against the pegs- Loose rock and dirt against the brush- And, behold, a Roadway!"1939uum_map_rrImage
17 2000 feet above the River- Cottonwood Canyon in the background. "How the pioneers must have felt when they first stood at the top of Hole-in-the-Rock and saw this view!"1939uum_map_rrImage
18 "Mormon Dugways," said one old pioneer, "were something like the cowboy's beefsteak. Just done enough to eat raw!"1939uum_map_rrImage
19 "Right at the Top. The stone steps cut by the pioneers to give their horses better footing! What were a few jolts on stone steps compared to surer footing for the team!"1939uum_map_rrImage
20 Up near the top. "Just room enough to get a wagon through if you greased the sides of the box!"1939uum_map_rrImage
21 Survivors of Hole-in-the-Rock. Kumen Jones, seated, drove the first wagon down through the great crack. Standing, from left to right: George Adams (?), Anie Neilson (?), Mrs. Adams, Mary Jane Perkins Wilson of Monticello, Utah, Delia Perkins, Jennie Decker Wood, Mrs. Nielson (?), Mrs. Sarah Perkins, and C.E. Walton.1939uum_map_rrImage
22 The Twists of the San Juan River- From the top of Grey Mesa- Monument Valley can be seen in the hazy background.1939uum_map_rrImage
23 Down through Cottonwood Canyon to the River. "The naked rocks looked like a great head of mile-high elephants crowded in a huge pasture!"1939uum_map_rrImage
24 Approaching the Slick Rocks- Grey Mesa (Wild Horse Mesa, to Zane Grey) in the background. "It was off this Mesa the pioneers had to find a way- mountain goats showed them where!"1939uum_map_rrImage
25 The horse didn't want to swim- First horse failed but second succeeded. 82 wagons crossed. "First try he pulled the old boat back to shore- second try, the current swept them down around the first great bend. The horse swam round and round the boat. He was finally turned loose to save him from drowning. The third try with a different horse, was successful. Both boat and horse crossed all right. What a place to take 82 wagons across!"1939uum_map_rrImage
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