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1 A section of the tank house at the refinery. The men are knocking off knobs of copper from the cathode which would cause the copper to be deposited improperly if they were to continue to grow.uum_mapImage
2 A validation cell showing the valuable concentration being floated out in a bubbly froth.uum_mapImage
3 An air view of American Smelting and Refining Company's Garfield, Utah, smelter, showing the plant and the ever-growing slag dump.uum_mapImage
4 The anode casting wheel at the Garfield smelter. The anode has arms so that it can be easily handled and make electrical contact with the bus bar of the electrolytic cell.uum_mapImage
5 Ball mills at the Magna mill. Each cylinder contains about sixty tons of steel balls, which roll as the cylinder turns, grinding the ore between the balls.uum_mapImage
6 Car dumper at the Magna concentrating mill. The car, with between 85 and 100 tons of ore, is turned completely over in the unloading process.uum_mapImage
7 Inspecting and cleaning wire bars at the Garfield refinery.uum_mapImage
8 Kennecott's open-pit copper mine at Bingham, Utah.uum_mapImage
9 Mine locomotive and electric shovel in operation at Utah Copper Mine.uum_mapImage
10 The poling furnace at the Garfield smelter. The poles burn the oxygen that would make the copper less pure.uum_mapImage
11 Track Shifter in operation at the Utah Copper Mine. This machine does the work of fifty men and has cut costs by cutting the time off consumed in track work operations.uum_mapImage
12 Wire bar casting wheel at the Garfield refinery. The molds are cast of copper at the refinery. THey are sprayed with bone ash and a stream of water is played on the bottom of the mold to keep it from melting.uum_mapImage
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