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1 "House where I [Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings] was born, 6th Ave and J Street."uum_mapImage
2 Julian William (Bill) Cummings and Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings while stationed at Camp Roberts.uum_mapImage
3 Photo album page 47uum_mapImage
4 Photo album page 14uum_mapImage
5 Portrait of a young girl.uum_mapImage
6 Photo album page 19uum_mapImage
7 Julian William (Bill) Cummings and Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings at Fort Sill, 1944.uum_mapImage
8 Julian William (Bill) Cummings' plane.uum_mapImage
9 Photo album page 24uum_mapImage
10 Women and childrenuum_mapImage
11 Boys standing on a front porch.uum_mapImage
12 Photo album page 2uum_mapImage
13 Photo album page 22uum_mapImage
14 Christmas 1945uum_mapImage
15 "Our home, 1948 South 300 East."uum_mapImage
16 Photo album page 5uum_mapImage
17 Men painting at a cycling racetrack.uum_mapImage
18 Photo album page 8uum_mapImage
19 Photo album page 33uum_mapImage
20 Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine, Christmas 1939.uum_mapImage
21 Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings at the Oklahoma State Capitol Building, February 1944.uum_mapImage
22 Yellowstone National Park, 1945.uum_mapImage
23 "Last Thanksgiving time, 1945."uum_mapImage
24 Home on 1300 East.uum_mapImage
25 Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine's parents, 1940.uum_mapImage
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