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1 Austin, William, House247 Ontario Ave.Park City
2 Bardsley, Dr. William, House517 Park Ave.Park City
3 Barnes, Charles, House413 Ontario Ave.Park City
4 Barrett, Richard, House36 Prospect Ave.Park City
5 Barry, George J., House250 Grant Ave.Park City
6 Beggs, Ellsworth J., House703 Park Ave.Park City
7 Bogan Boarding House221 Main St.Park City
8 Brown, Otis L., House713 Woodside Ave.Park City
9 Buck, John W., House1110 Woodside Ave.Park City
10 Campbell, William, House164 Norfolk St.Park City
11 Carling, Benedictus, House660 Rossie Hill Dr.Park City
12 Cassidy, James, House33 King Rd.Park City
13 Cavanaugh, James House564 Woodside Ave.Park City
14 Clark, Peter, House1135 Park Ave.Park City
15 Condon, David F. and Elizabeth, House1304 Park Ave.Park City
16 Cunningham, John F., House606 Park Ave.Park City
17 Cunningham, Thomas, House139 Main St.Park City
18 Diem, John, House401 Park Ave.Park City
19 Doyle, John, House339 ParkPark City
20 Durkin Boarding House176 Main St.Park City
21 Durkin, Joseph, House22 Prospect Ave.Park City
22 Farthelos, Peter, House1150 Park Ave.Park City
23 Frkovich, Mike, House162 Daly Ave.Park City
24 Glenwood CemeterySilver King Dr., approximately .5 mi. N of Park City Ski ResortPark City
25 Gray, Levins D., House355 Ontario Ave.Park City
1 - 25 of 88