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1 Design and evaluation of a scalable approach to integrated information display in critical care2019Textir_etd
2 Connectivity and cooperativity in metabolic regulation2019Textir_etd
3 The long and short of it: investigating genome evolution using next-generation sequencing technologies2019Textir_etd
4 Assessment and unification of variant annotation: alteration, effect, and nomenclature2019Textir_etd
5 DNMT3A and TET2 program CD4+ T cell differentiation and function during chronic viral infection2019Textir_etd
6 From the structure to function of retinal circuits2019Textir_etd
7 Restoration of deficient P53 function in li-fraumeni syndrome fibroblasts through elephant P53 (EP53) expression2019Textir_etd
8 Alternative treatment options for cryptococcal meningitis: the search for amphotericin B synergists2019Textir_etd
9 Patterns of genetic conflict in immune defenses and physiological processes targeted by pathogens2019Textir_etd
10 The Transcription factor OCT1 in metabolism and malignancy2018Textir_etd
11 Helping physicians think: cognitive perspectives in the design of clinical decision support2018Textir_etd
12 Biological sensitivity to context: an exploratory test of the hypothesized U-shaped relationship between early adversity and stress responsivity2018Textir_etd
13 Development of a high-throughput funcitonal assay to classify Brac1 ring missense substitutions2018Textir_etd
14 High-throughput identification of small molecule interactions identifies dicycolmine/fluconazole as a synergistic therapy for fungal infections2019Textir_etd
15 Novel stem cell models of human cerebral cortex development2019Textir_etd
16 Balanced network dynamics underlie slow autonomous oscillations2019Textir_etd
17 The role of ABCB10 in hemoglobinization and arginine metabolism2019Textir_etd
18 Revealing regional constraint and assisting variant interpretation in the human genome2019Textir_etd
19 The contribution of planar cell polarity (PCP) Molecules during cochlear innervation2019Textir_etd
20 Metabolic vulnerabilities in MYC-Driven small cell lung cancer2019Textir_etd
21 Exploring pathways of quality control at the mitochondrial surface2019Textir_etd
22 Posttranscriptional regulation of stress responses in extraintestinal pathogenic escherichia coli2019Textir_etd
23 The role of AKT1E17K and focal adhesion kinase in melanoma brain metastasis2019Textir_etd
24 Will reproductive age women agree to re-enroll in a follow-up study after 15 years? Findings from the EAGeR Follow-up Study2021Textir_uspace
25 Understanding provider prescription practices for opioids in the surgical patient2019Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 2,453