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1 The 'Test model-checking' approach to the verification of formal memory models of multiprocessors1998Textir_uspace
2 The 'test model-checking' approach to the verification of formal memory models of multiprocessors1998Textir_uspace
3 (BAl12)Cs: a cluster-assembled solid1997-06Textir_uspace
4 100 electrode intracortical array: structural variability1990Textir_uspace
5 13 crazy, notorious things to do in an EM class2005-06Textir_uspace
6 13C NMR analysis of soot produced from model compounds and a coal2001Textir_uspace
7 13C NMR spin-lattice relaxation and conformational dynamics in a 1,4-polybutadiene melt2001Textir_uspace
8 2-D scene analysis using split-level relaxation1985Textir_uspace
9 2D knowledge based vision system1987-07Textir_computersa
10 3-D design of free-form B-spline Surfaces1974Textir_etd
11 3-D Design of Free-Form B-Spline Surfaces1974-09Textir_computersa
12 3-D model building for computer vision1985Textir_uspace
13 3D Line textures and the visualization of confidence in Architecture2007Textir_uspace
14 3D ray-tracing for intra-vehicle environments2009Textir_uspace
15 4500 South (300 West to State Street) closure: the evaluation of users' impacts2008-05Textir_etd
16 5 kW multilevel DC-DC converter for hybrid electric and fuel cell automotive applications2007-09Textir_uspace
17 A 3D glass optrode array for optical neural stimulation2012-01-01Textir_uspace
18 A 5 kW Bi-directional multilevel modular DC-DC converter (MMCCC) featuring built in power management for fuel cell and hybrid electric automobiles2007Textir_uspace
19 A baseband residual vector quantization algorithm for voiceband data signals1989Textir_uspace
20 A biomechanical analysis of seating stresses based upon wheelchair propulsion2013-05Textir_etd
21 A blind adaptive projection receiver for CDMA systems1998Textir_uspace
22 A blind projection receiver for coded CDMA systems1999Textir_uspace
23 A boolean sum interpolation scheme to random data for computer aided geometric design1975Textir_uspace
24 A Busy Professor's Guide to Sanely Flipping Your Classroom2019Textir_uspace
25 A busy professors guide to sanely flipping your classroom2013-01-01Textir_uspace
1 - 25 of 3,637