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1 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Donald A. B. Lindberg, M.D., and Randolph A. Miller, M.D.1987Imageehsl_history
2 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Don Detmer, M.D.1987Imageehsl_history
3 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Priscilla M. Mayden1987Imageehsl_history
4 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Marsden S. Blois, M.D., Ph.D.1987Imageehsl_history
5 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Don Detmer, M.D.; Priscilla M. Mayden; Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D.; Randolph A. Miller M.D.; Marsden S. Blois, M.D., Ph.D1987Imageehsl_history
6 Abildskov, J.A., M.D.Imageehsl_hhs
7 Family dinner on Zoom2020-04-05Imageuum_uc19
8 Bonneville Shoreline Trail hike [1]2020-03-20Imageuum_uc19
9 Bonneville Shoreline Trail hike [2]2020-03-20Imageuum_uc19
10 Bonneville Shoreline Trail hike [3]2020-03-20Imageuum_uc19
11 Social distancing during Myntti family visit2020-03-31Imageuum_uc19
12 Myntti family biking, Jordan River Trail2020-03-30Imageuum_uc19
13 Myntti family playing home game [1]2020-04-06Imageuum_uc19
14 Myntti family playing home game [2]2020-04-07Imageuum_uc19
15 Geode hunting, Dugway Geode Beds2020-03-21Imageuum_uc19
16 Eli and Ava Myntti with chalk art2020-03-21Imageuum_uc19
17 Sidewalk chalk art2020-03-21Imageuum_uc19
18 Subway restaurant enforcing social distancing2020-03-27Imageuum_uc19
19 Cutting fabric for face masks2020-04-01Imageuum_uc19
20 Mailing face masks2020-04-06Imageuum_uc19
21 Pandemic signage at Smith's grocery store2020-04-03Imageuum_uc19
22 Sewing face masks at home2020-04-02Imageuum_uc19
23 Sourdough bread2020-04-04Imageuum_uc19
24 Sourdough starter2020-04-03Imageuum_uc19
25 Empty shelves, Walmart2020-03-14Imageuum_uc19
1 - 25 of 2,090