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1 "Lehi Strong" signage in front of Kohlers grocery store on Lehi Main Street2020-04Imageuum_uc19
2 Alpine Bible Church, Lehi [1]2020-02-17Imageuum_urap
3 Alpine Bible Church, Lehi [2]2020-02-17Imageuum_urap
4 Alpine Bible Church, Lehi [3]2020-02-17Imageuum_urap
5 Ava Myntti receives FaceTime piano lesson2020-04-22Imageuum_uc19
6 Birthday party over Zoom and FaceTime2020-04-23Imageuum_uc19
7 Blake Church in basement isolation due to COVID-192020-04Imageuum_uc19
8 Brooke Church, self-portrait2020-04Imageuum_uc19
9 Church family visit grandmother at safe distance2020-04Imageuum_uc19
10 COVID-19 Digital Collection Planning Meeting screenshot2020-04-09Imageuum_uc19
11 Disinfecting groceries2020-04-09Imageuum_uc19
12 Drinking fountain not for use, Ashton Gardens2020-05-04Imageuum_uc19
13 Drive-by birthday party [1]2020-05-22Imageuum_uc19
14 Drive-by birthday party [2]2020-05-22Imageuum_uc19
15 Eli and Ava Myntti with chalk art2020-03-21Imageuum_uc19
16 Eli Myntti as Walt Disney for Fox Hollow Elementary annual wax museum2020-05-01Imageuum_uc19
17 Eli Myntti attends online art class2020-04-22Imageuum_uc19
18 Elizabeth and Jeremy Myntti wear face masks, Ashton Gardens2020-05-04Imageuum_uc19
19 Family dinner on Zoom2020-04-05Imageuum_uc19
20 Fireworks to celebrate class of 2020 graduates2020-05-28Imageuum_uc19
21 Fox Hollow Elementary School student parade [1]2020-05-08Imageuum_uc19
22 Fox Hollow Elementary School student parade [2]2020-05-08Imageuum_uc19
23 Fox Hollow Elementary School student parade [3]2020-05-08Imageuum_uc19
24 Germ awareness sign, Smith's grocery store2020-07-04Imageuum_uc19
25 Jennifer Hamilton (Grandmother) embraces Millie Church (Granddaughter) before hospital stay2020-04Imageuum_uc19
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