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1 Oral history interview with Richard Drake2010-11-22Text; Sounddha_uhsoh
2 Hand soap dispenser2020-04Imageuum_uc19
3 Lux Soap Display -Shot 11956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
4 Lux Soap Display -Shot 101956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
5 Lux Soap Display -Shot 21956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
6 Lux Soap Display -Shot 31956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
7 Lux Soap Display -Shot 41956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
8 Lux Soap Display -Shot 51956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
9 Lux Soap Display -Shot 61956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
10 Lux Soap Display -Shot 71956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
11 Lux Soap Display -Shot 81956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
12 Lux Soap Display -Shot 91956-01-31Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
13 Rowland Grocery; Lux Soap Display -Shot 11956-02-07Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
14 Rowland Grocery; Lux Soap Display -Shot 21956-02-07Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
15 Rowland Grocery; Lux Soap Display -Shot 31956-02-07Image/StillImagedha_sltnc
16 Comparison of the effectiveness of a hexachlorophene and non-hexachlorophene product as a handwashing agent1973-06Textir_etd
17 Z.C.M.I.1926-10-07Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
18 Amour & Company, Dona Soap in Z.C.M.I. Window1928-04-23Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
19 Western Co-op. Gold Dust Window Display1924-03-21Image/StillImagedha_scnpp
20 Display at Sears, Oct. 19361936-10-31Imagedha_cbfm
21 Display at Sears, Oct. 19361936-10-31Imagedha_cbfm
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