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1 Eye Movement Talk ConclusionConclusion of Robert Daroff's Eye Movement Talk at the 7th Bascom Palmer Symposium in 1970.Daroff, Robert1970
2 Merger of Walsh Society into NANOSThis document contains the legal transactions, or "articles of merger", undertaken in 1992, and signed on September 1, 1992, to merge the formerly distinct Frank B. Walsh Society and North American Neuro-ophthalmology Society.Robert B. Daroff; Thomas J. Carlow; David L. Knox; William F. Hoyt1992
3 Pictorial Neuro-ophthalmologyHistoric diagram describing ocular tilt reaction and a variety of other disorders. Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Prof Dr. William F. Hoyt for helpful comments on the manuscript.Fujino, Tadashi1995-12-07
4 William Hoyt, MD: Teacher of TeachersIn a 60-year career in neuro-ophthalmology, William Hoyt, MD trained 71 fellows and co-authored (with Frank Walsh, MD) the canonical textbook Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology. He added pathophysiologic rigor to a discipline that was rich in anecdote but short on science. His deeply analytic approach to ...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
5 Lawton Smith, MD: Evangelist of Neuro-OphthalmologyFor the second half of the 20th century, the best known ophthalmologist in the world was Lawton Smith, MD. Everyone was mimicking the gestures and argot of the "simple country doctor" with the South Carolina twang. Mixing medicine with evangelism, he converted scores of medical students to ophthalmo...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
6 Dartmouth Eye InstituteFrom 1921 to 1947, the center of research into visual perception in the United States was in the rural hamlet of Hanover, New Hampshire. Situated on the campus of Dartmouth College, The Dartmouth Eye Institute (DEI) fostered an uncommon collaboration of physiologists, psychophysicists, ophthalmologi...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
7 Thomas Hedges, Jr, MD: Progenitor of Neuro-Ophthalmology SocietiesThomas Hedges, Jr, MD, the first person to take a full neuro-ophthalmology fellowship (under Frank Walsh, MD at the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University), used his energy and organizing skills to set in motion the Walsh Society and the International Neuro-Ophthalmology Society. He mentored...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
8 Charles Miller Fisher, MD: Master of Clinicopathologic CorrelationTrained in neurology and pathology, Charles Miller Fisher, MD applied painstaking clinical and tissue examination to set the foundation for our current understanding of cerebrovascular disease and many other neurologic conditions. His special passion was neuro-ophthalmology.Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
9 Noble David, MD: Bard of Neuro-OphthalmologyNoble David, MD could as easily recite the sonnets of Petrarch as the science of neuro-ophthalmology. One of the progenitors of retinal fluorescein angiography, he produced groundbreaking experimental and clinical studies on the retinal circulation.Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
10 Norman Schatz, MD: Comedic GeniusNo one in the field of neuro-ophthalmology could be as smart-and-funny as Norman Schatz, MD. Drawing on the enormous and diverse patient population of the Wills Eye Institute, Jefferson Medical College, he developed an unmatchable repertoire. If you had seen an intriguing case, he had seen three of ...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
11 Irene Loewenfeld, PhD: Physiologist of the PupilIrene Loewenfeld, PhD was trained in physiology at New York University and Columbia University under the direction of Otto Lowenstein, MD, PhD. With her mentor, she produced a prodigious amount of research on pupil function, culminating in 1993 in the publication of a 2223-page textbook on the pupil...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
12 Otto Lowenstein, MD, PhD: Founder of PupillographyOtto Lowenstein, MD, PhD was a pioneer in the quantitative measurement of pupil function. Trained in mathematics, physics, and medicine, he abandoned a promising career in Germany to avoid Nazi persecution, emigrating to the United States in 1939. At Columbia University, he developed pupillographic ...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
13 Neuro-Ophthalmology at the Mayo ClinicThe Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota contributed gloriously to the early history of neuro-ophthalmology in North America. Between 1917 and 1991, Mayo Clinic physicians recognized the importance of close collaboration with neurology, neurosurgery, and internal medicine and put their stamps--if not...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
14 Ronald Burde, MD: Passionate Scientist and Journal EditorRonald Burde, MD brought profound understanding of experimental science to neuro-ophthalmology. All over the world, his former medical students, residents, and fellows recall the intensity and keen logic with which he approached clinical issues. He served as the second editor-in-chief of the Journal...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
15 Robert Daroff, MD: Pioneer of Ocular Motor ResearchRobert Daroff, MD brought his instinct for recognizing important but unsolved clinical issues to the technical expertise of collaborating engineers and physiologists to produce pathbreaking research in ocular motility. He and his colleagues were among the first to graph trajectories in patients with...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
16 Simmons Lessell, MD: Gaon of Neuro-OphthalmologySimmons Lessell, MD elevated the case report to a high art. His descriptions of toxic optic neuropathy, cerebral achromatopsia, palinopsia, indirect optic nerve trauma, and idiopathic pachymeningitis are examples of the most luminous prose in the medical literature. His fellows likened him to a "gao...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
17 Joel Glaser, MD: A Scholar's ScholarJoel Glaser, MD is considered one of the great scholars of neuro-ophthalmology. His published contributions touch nearly every aspect of the field. The principal author of the highly respected textbook Neuro-Ophthalmology, he has trained over 50 fellows who occupy important academic positions across...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
18 Pioneers of Neuro-Ophthalmology-Intro PosterNeuro-ophthalmology in North America has a colorful history. This exhibit displays that history through some of the people who made it happen. Adapted from interviews and essays that appeared in the Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology from 2001 to 2009, these posters show how a small number of dynamic an...Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan University2010
19 Interview With Judith WarnerInterview with Judith Warner - Why I Went Into Neuro-OphthalmologyJudith E. A. Warner, MD, Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology, John A. Moran Eye Center, University of Utah School of Medicine2018-02
20 Interview With Kathleen DigreInterview with Kathleen Digre - Why I Went Into Neuro-OphthalmologyKathleen B. Digre, MD, Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology, John A. Moran Eye Center, University of Utah School of Medicine2018-02
21 Interview With Jackie WinterkornInterview with Jacqueline Winterkorn - Why I Went Into Neuro-OphthalmologyJacqueline Winterkorn, MD, PhD, Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Weill Cornell Medicine2018-02
22 Interview With Randy KardonInterview with Randy Kardon - Why I Went Into Neuro-OphthalmologyRandy H. Kardon, MD, PhD, Director Neuro-Ophthalmology Service, Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Services, University of Iowa2018-02
23 Interview With Timothy McCulleyInterview with Timothy McCulley - Why I Went Into Neuro-OphthalmologyTimothy McCulley MD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine2018-02
24 Interview With Nancy NewmanInterview with Nancy Newman - Why I Went Into Neuro-OphthalmologyNancy J Newman, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology and Neurology, Emory Eye Center, Emory University School of Medicine2018-02
25 Interview With Larry FrohmanInterview with Larry Frohman - Why I Went Into Neuro-OphthalmologyLarry Frohman MD, Professor of Ophthalmology, Director of Neuro-ophthalmology, Rutgers- New Jersey Medical School2018-02
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