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1 Letter: D. B. Boyd to Nancy Price, 3 May 19021902Text
2 Photo: Envelope of Jacob Myers' Letter to Franklin Allen1851Image
3 High Priest Certificate: Jacob Myers1845; 1850Text
4 Report Card: Abraham Price1890Text
5 Certificate of Baptism: Aldie Price1881Text
6 Assorted Materials2009Text
7 Receipt, Stephen Bruce1854Text
8 Letter: Samuel Myers to Nancy Price, 21 August 18911891Text
9 Massacre of Mormons at Haun's Mill1851Text
10 Receipt for tax on Warren estate1854Text
11 Inheritance Payment1854Text
12 Correspondence: D. W. Garber and Horace Cutler, 1949-19501949; 1950Text
13 Correspondence: D. W. Garber with "cousin Roy" (1949) and "Dr. Betty" (1969)1949; 1969Text
14 Correspondence: D. W. Garber and Utah Genealogical Society, 19491949Text
15 Correspondence: Agnes Dummer to Bertha Ellis Booth, 19401940Text
16 Correspondence: Lydia McBride to Bertha Ellis Booth, 19381938Text
17 Correspondence: D. W. Garber and Vergil Webb, 1969-19751969; 1970; 1975Text
18 Odell interview concerning Haun's Mill, 19691969Text
19 Correspondence: D. W. Garber and George F. Tate, 19701970Text
20 Correspondence: D. W. Garber and Eunice E. Nelson, 1970-19771970; 1971; 1972; 1973; 1974; 1975; 1976; 1977Text
21 Correspondence: Lauren and Pearl Schlehuber, 19691969Text
22 Correspondence: D. W. Garber and Haydee Noya of the Huntington Library, 19691969Text
23 Correspondence: D. W. Garber and Sandra Tanner, 19691969Text
24 Correspondence: Bill Powell to D. W. Garber, 19721972Text
25 Corespondence: D. W. Garber and Ruth Nelson Reeve, 19701970Text
1 - 25 of 232