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1 Hamilton, AbbyCommunity Asset Based Adolescent Suicide Prevention in Uinta County, WYProviding high schoolers with national and local mental health resources will decrease suicide rates in Uinta County adolescentsRural; suicide prevention; adolescents2023
2 Alexander, Kaylee P.Towards transdisciplinarity: current and future perspectives on art markets studiesThe rapid expansion of art markets research since the 2010s has been rooted in an interdisciplinary approach that has resulted in many fruitful collaborations across the humanities, science, and social sciences. Yet, despite recent calls for more cross-disciplinary collaboration, the field remains r...transdisciplinarity; art markets; epistemology; pedagogy; higher education
3 Narvaez, Marina Lee and Kizer, SandyShowcasing College-funded databases: collaborations between College of Business and Business LibrarianCollege of Business (Walton) subscribes to 30+ databases through individual subscriptions only available to Walton community • Immediate need is to make resources visible and accessible to Walton community through website • Walton IT Director initiative of making Walton Database Website • Busi...evidence based collection development; business resources; assessment; business librarian2023
4 Ocier, K; Myers, M; Stewart, IJ; Amuan, ME; Wilson, AM; Adamson, A; Wilde, EA; Pugh, MJAssociation between TBI Exposure and Parkinson's Disease among Post-9/11 Era VeteransTraumatic brain injury (TBI) is a signature injury for Post-9/11 Service Members (SMs) and Veterans • TBI is one of the risk factors for Parkinson's disease (PD) • Young onset PD (YO-PD) makes up 5-10% of all PD cases • Little is known about the trajectory and elevated PD risk among younger SM...traumatic brain injury; Parkinson's disease; post-9/11 Veterans; young onset Parkinson's disease
5 Ziegenfuss, Donna HarpUncovering the Intersections of Personal, Professional, and Instructional Identities, Chapter 3An increasing focus in higher education on learner-centered teaching and active learning instruction is driving transformation on campuses at the national and international scale.1 The COVID-19 pandemic has also pushed the instructional needs envelope forward resulting in new tools for alternative t...instructional identity; professional identity; autoethnography; authentic teaching; disorienting dilemma; reflexivity; professional development2023
6 Schmind, Alexis VAn embryonic-like subpopulation is present in regenerating heartsZebrafish regenerate injured heart tissue through cardiomyocyte dedifferentiation, but it's unclear which cell subpopulations are involved.zebrafish heart regeneration; medaka; cardiomyocytes2021
7 Ziegenfuss, Donna HarpConnecting critical reading to the literature review: teaching qualitative data analysis tools to graduate studentsTransitioning from undergraduate to graduate study, students must master critical reading of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary literature, interpret primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, and synthesize the literature.1 Demonstrating an understanding of the literature in a particular field prov...qualitative research; literature review; critical reading; NVivo; Atlas.ti; graduate students
8 Codding, Brian F.Supplementary Materials: Socioecological dynamics structuring the spread of farming in the North American Basin-Plateau RegionThis document includes the code used to complete the analysis presented in the manuscript "Socioecological Dynamics Structuring the Spread of Farming in the North American Basin-Plateau Region" in Environmental 15 Archaeology.environmental archaeology
9 Codding, Brian F.Socioecological dynamics structuring the spread of farming in the North American Basin-Plateau RegionThe spread of agriculture is a major driver of social and environmental change throughout 25 the Holocene, yet experimental and ethnographic data indicate that farming is less profitable than foraging, so why would individuals choose to adopt agriculture leading to its expansion? Ideal distribution ...Ideal free distribution model; population ecology; behavioral ecology; maize agriculture; Ancestral Puebloan; Fremont Complex2021
10 Smith, Philip J.The UQ-predictive Multidisciplinary Simulation Center for high efficiency electric power generation with carbon captureThe University of Utah Multidisciplinary Simulation Center was established in April of 2014 by the United States Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)for the purpose of developing and demonstrating the use of formal uncertainty quantification (UQ) methodologies in con...digital twin; biomass boiler; Bayesian analysis; uncertainty quantification; high performance computing; continuous optimization2021-03-31
11 Wang, Yu; Sun, Bindong; Yu, ZhouEqualization or polarization? The effect of the Internet on National Urban Hierarchies across the World, 2000-2018As Internet adoption and diffusion continues worldwide, little is known about its effects on the restructuring of national urban hierarchies across the world. We create a panel data of city population with uniform definitions within each of the 133 countries from 2000 to 2018, using the Pareto index...Internet; urban hierarchy; nonlinear link; channel; transnational; urban growth2018
12 Findley, Sam P.Contributing factors to academic success among student VeteransStudent veteran; Student success; Veteran
13 Yu, Zhou, Haan, Michael, Yi, ChengdongThe Inception of Housing Pathways in Urban China: The Declining Household Formation of Young Adults from 2011 to 2017The homeownership rate of young adults has surged to an unprecedented level in urban China, despite rising housing prices and significant rural-urban migration. A trend analysis of nationally representative microdata shows that household formation is the missing link in the paradox and that many you...Household formation; headship rates; young adults; migration; institutional barriers; housing pathways2017
14 Qin, Xianhong; Wei, Dennis Yehua; Yu, Zhou; Xiong, NingUrbanization, Suburbanization, and Population Redistribution in Urban China: A Case Study of NanjingThis paper analyzes the urbanization and suburbanization of Nanjing, an ancient capital and a new Tier-1 city in China, from 1990 to 2015. We use on China's census and survey microdata and the shift-share methods to examine population redistribution and spatial expansion in the city. The results sh...Urbanization; Suburbanization; Migration; Population Redistribution; Nanjing, China
15 Fan, Jessie X., Yu, ZhouPrevalence and Risk Factors of Consumer Financial Fraud in ChinaThis study estimates the prevalence of consumer fraud in China and investigates consumer fraud risk factors using a novel two-stage conceptual framework that differentiates fraud exposure from fraud victimization after exposure. Multivariate analyses show that multiple risk factors have opposite eff...Consumer financial fraud victimization; China; migrants; financial knowledge; risk attitude
16 Haan, Michael, Yu, Zhou, Draghici, ElenaHousehold Formation in Canada and the United States: Insights Into Differences by Race, Ethnicity, Immigrant Populations, and CountryThis study focuses on the most changeable component of housing demand in the future-the immigrant and minority groups, aged 25-75. Using the Canadian Census and the American Community Survey (ACS) across periods between 2006-2016, we compare headship and home ownership rates of both immigrants and n...homeownership; household formation; racial minorities; immigration; regional variation
17 Fan, Jessie X., Yu, ZhouUnderstanding Aging and Consumer Fraud Victimization in the Chinese Context: A Two-Stage Conceptual ApproachThe relationship between aging and consumer fraud victimization is mixed in the literature. Most studies based on survey data have found older consumers less likely to be fraud victims, while a few studies have found older consumers more likely to be victimized, especially with certain fraud types. ...Consumer financial fraud; fraud exposure; fraud victimization; fraud delivery methods; China
18 Yamaguchi, AyakoViral vectors to deliver trasngenes into neurons of adult African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevisThe African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis, produce sexually distinct vocalizations to coordinate reproduction. Xenopus vocal behavior is an ideal model to study the neural basis of behavior for a variety of reasons. Unlike most other behaviors exhibited by vertebrate species, the neural pathways for v...VSV; viral vector; amphibians2019
19 Inagaki, Ryota T.; Raghuraman, Shrlnlvasan; Chase, Kevin; Steele, Theresa; Zornik, Erilk; Olivera, Baldomero; Yamaguchi, AyakoMolecular characterization of frog vocal neurons using pharmacological constellation.constellation pharmacology; motor programs; parabrachial nucleus; premotor neurons; vocalizations2020
20 Kelley, Darcy B.; Elliott, Taffeta M.; Evans, Ben J.; Evans, Ben J.; Hall, Ian C.; Rhodes, Heather J.; Yamaguchi, Ayako; Zornik, ErikProbing forebrain to hindbrain circuit functions in XenopusThe vertebrate hindbrain includes neural circuits that govern essential functions including breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. Hindbrain circuits also participate in generating rhythmic motor patterns for vocalization. In most tetrapods, sound production is powered by expiration and the circu...fictive respiration; vocalization; pattern generation2016
21 Warrier, Smitha; Lee, Alexis; Brandes, AnnaPursing Green Health: Assessing Sustainability of Medical Curriculum and Hospital Operations [recording]Medical students and UHealth staff and faculty continued their sustainability efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic by deep diving into assessment. This session of the Climate Changes Health and Health Equity Community Read will focus on the results of their efforts - The Planetary Health Report Card...Hospital operations; assessment; Medical School Curriculum; sustainability2021-12-02
22 Shepelak, ZacharyWill reproductive age women agree to re-enroll in a follow-up study after 15 years? Findings from the EAGeR Follow-up StudyReproductive health; epidemiology; enrollment; miscarriage; cardiometabolic health; low dose aspiriin2021
23 Ghabayen, LinaIs endometriosis typology a potential better classification system for assessing risk of female infertility?Objective is to assess if there is a relationship between endometriosis typology and risk of infertilityendometriosis; infertility; women's health; epidemiology; gynecology2020
24 Truong, Thu H.PELP1/SRC-3-dependent regulation of metabolic PFKFB kinases drives therapy resistant ER breast cancerbreast cancer; metabolism; patient-derived models2021-06-08
25 Kynaston, Baley, Kovtun, Roman, Loveridge, Kade, Nielson, Chris, Brandes, AnnaPlanetary Health Report Card: The University of Utah School of Medicine. 2020-2021Planetary Health; PHRC; Climate Change; Sustainability; Health; Healthcare; Water; Scarcity Food Systems; Urbanization Biodiversity Natural; Disasters Land Use Pollution; Biogeochemical Flows; Global Health; Medical School Education; Curriculum; Research; Outreach; Advocacy; Environmental Justice2020; 2021
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