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1 Haan, Michael, Yu, Zhou, Draghici, ElenaHousehold Formation in Canada and the United States: Insights Into Differences by Race, Ethnicity, Immigrant Populations, and CountryThis study focuses on the most changeable component of housing demand in the future-the immigrant and minority groups, aged 25-75. Using the Canadian Census and the American Community Survey (ACS) across periods between 2006-2016, we compare headship and home ownership rates of both immigrants and n...homeownership; household formation; racial minorities; immigration; regional variation
2 Qin, Xianhong, Wei, Dennis Yehua, Yu, Zhou, Xiong, NingUrbanization, Suburbanization, and Population Redistribution in Urban China: A Case Study of NanjingThis paper analyzes the urbanization and suburbanization of Nanjing, an ancient capital and a new Tier-1 city in China, from 1990 to 2015. We use on China's census and survey microdata and the shift-share methods to examine population redistribution and spatial expansion in the city. The results sh...Urbanization; Suburbanization; Migration; Population Redistribution; Nanjing, China
3 Fan, Jessie X., Yu, ZhouPrevalence and Risk Factors of Consumer Financial Fraud in ChinaThis study estimates the prevalence of consumer fraud in China and investigates consumer fraud risk factors using a novel two-stage conceptual framework that differentiates fraud exposure from fraud victimization after exposure. Multivariate analyses show that multiple risk factors have opposite eff...Consumer financial fraud victimization; China; migrants; financial knowledge; risk attitude
4 Yu, Zhou, Haan, Michael, Yi, ChengdongThe Inception of Housing Pathways in Urban China: The Declining Household Formation of Young Adults from 2011 to 2017The homeownership rate of young adults has surged to an unprecedented level in urban China, despite rising housing prices and significant rural-urban migration. A trend analysis of nationally representative microdata shows that household formation is the missing link in the paradox and that many you...Household formation; headship rates; young adults; migration; institutional barriers; housing pathways2017
5 Fan, Jessie X., Yu, ZhouUnderstanding Aging and Consumer Fraud Victimization in the Chinese Context: A Two-Stage Conceptual ApproachThe relationship between aging and consumer fraud victimization is mixed in the literature. Most studies based on survey data have found older consumers less likely to be fraud victims, while a few studies have found older consumers more likely to be victimized, especially with certain fraud types. ...Consumer financial fraud; fraud exposure; fraud victimization; fraud delivery methods; China
6 Yamaguchi, AyakoViral vectors to deliver trasngenes into neurons of adult African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevisThe African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis, produce sexually distinct vocalizations to coordinate reproduction. Xenopus vocal behavior is an ideal model to study the neural basis of behavior for a variety of reasons. Unlike most other behaviors exhibited by vertebrate species, the neural pathways for v...VSV; viral vector; amphibians2019
7 Inagaki, Ryota T.; Raghuraman, Shrlnlvasan; Chase, Kevin; Steele, Theresa; Zornik, Erilk; Olivera, Baldomero; Yamaguchi, AyakoMolecular characterization of frog vocal neurons using pharmacological constellation.constellation pharmacology; motor programs; parabrachial nucleus; premotor neurons; vocalizations2020
8 Kelley, Darcy B.; Elliott, Taffeta M.; Evans, Ben J.; Evans, Ben J.; Hall, Ian C.; Rhodes, Heather J.; Yamaguchi, Ayako; Zornik, ErikProbing forebrain to hindbrain circuit functions in XenopusThe vertebrate hindbrain includes neural circuits that govern essential functions including breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. Hindbrain circuits also participate in generating rhythmic motor patterns for vocalization. In most tetrapods, sound production is powered by expiration and the circu...fictive respiration; vocalization; pattern generation2016
9 Warrier, Smitha; Lee, Alexis; Brandes, AnnaPursing Green Health: Assessing Sustainability of Medical Curriculum and Hospital Operations [recording]Medical students and UHealth staff and faculty continued their sustainability efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic by deep diving into assessment. This session of the Climate Changes Health and Health Equity Community Read will focus on the results of their efforts - The Planetary Health Report Card...Hospital operations; assessment; Medical School Curriculum; sustainability2021-12-02
10 Shepelak, ZacharyWill reproductive age women agree to re-enroll in a follow-up study after 15 years? Findings from the EAGeR Follow-up StudyReproductive health; epidemiology; enrollment; miscarriage; cardiometabolic health; low dose aspiriin2021
11 Ghabayen, LinaIs endometriosis typology a potential better classification system for assessing risk of female infertility?Objective is to assess if there is a relationship between endometriosis typology and risk of infertilityendometriosis; infertility; women's health; epidemiology; gynecology2020
12 Truong, Thu H.PELP1/SRC-3-dependent regulation of metabolic PFKFB kinases drives therapy resistant ER breast cancerbreast cancer; metabolism; patient-derived models2021-06-08
13 Kynaston, Baley, Kovtun, Roman, Loveridge, Kade, Nielson, Chris, Brandes, AnnaPlanetary Health Report Card: The University of Utah School of Medicine. 2020-2021Planetary Health; PHRC; Climate Change; Sustainability; Health; Healthcare; Water; Scarcity Food Systems; Urbanization Biodiversity Natural; Disasters Land Use Pollution; Biogeochemical Flows; Global Health; Medical School Education; Curriculum; Research; Outreach; Advocacy; Environmental Justice2020; 2021
14 Bannister, SteveNGC2903NGC29032021
15 Schvaneveldt, Nena; Stone, Sean; Brody, Erica R.; Clairoux, Natalie; Lubker, Irene M.; Nevius, Amanda M.; Porcello, Lorraine; Bissram, Jennifer S.Aligning Information Literacy and Evidence-Based Dentistry Concepts in a Rubric to Improve Dental EducationUnderstanding of the alignment of key concepts in both evidence-based dentistry and information literacy could lead to greater collaboration between librarians and dental faculty. To identify these areas of partnership, a group of dental librarians from across North America created a rubric aligning...curriculum; dental education; evidence-based dentistry; information literacy; standards
16 Silverman, RandyBernard C. Middleton, MBE (1924-2019):Bernard Chester Middleton was born in London in 1924 to Doris Hilda Webster, a secretary to a well-known barrister, and Regent Marcus Geoffrey Middleton, a talented bookbinder. At the age of thirteen in 1938, Bernard earned a trade scholarship to attend the Central School of Arts and Crafts in Londo...1995
17 Bozorgmehr, BehnamQES-Winds v1.0: Theory and User's GuideA new dispersion modeling system based on the well-used FORTRAN-based QUIC (Quick Urban and Industrial Complex) dispersion modeling system originally developed by the University of Utah and Los Alamos National Laboratory [1], has been under development as collaboration between the University of Utah...2021
18 Neatrour, AnnaDocumenting contemporary regional history: the Utah COVID-19 digital collectionPurpose When faced with events such as the global pandemic of COVID-19, libraries have a unique opportunity to develop a community facing response through born-digital collections. These collections provide challenges for metadata creation, collection development policies, workflows, and digital pre...COVID-19; born digital collections; metadata; library workflows; digital collections2020
19 Macfarlan, ShaneMale Survival Advantage on the Baja California PeninsulaA consistent finding from contemporary Western societies is that women outlive men. However, what is unclear is whether sex differences in survival are constant across varying socio-ecological conditions. We test the universality of the female survival advantage with mortality data from a nineteenth...ecology; health and disease and epidemiology; behaviour2020
20 Terra Rossland; Valeri Craigle; Elizabeth Frakes; Alfred Mowdood; Shawn Steidinger; Shane WallaceCoronavirus 2019 Information Task Force Report: Best Practices for Staffing Emergency Command CentersThis report is a literature review including 43 citations detailing best practices for staffing and scheduling shifts for emergency command centers in healthcare settings in response to a request from University of Utah Health administrators. The types of emergency situations covered include SARS, M...COVID-19; SARS; MERS; PIO; Public Information Officer; Crisis Communication; Command Center; 24/7 Shift Schedule2020
21 McLennan, JohnFinal Report Geothermal Battery Energy StorageSolar and wind power are being introduced into electric grids to supplement and replace conventional electricity production. The deployment of utility-scale storage has not kept pace to overcome the intermittent nature of solar and to a lesser extent wind. Large-scale energy storage is cur...2020-06
22 Allis, RickReservoirs for Geothermal Battery Energy Report: a geological perspectiveWorkshop presentation2020-05-18
23 McLennan, JohnLarge-scale subsurface seasonal heat storage for future valueI too extend my welcome. And, I extend thanks to the NSF for the support of this research at the Univ. of Utah. The concept of storing heat in the ground is certainly not new. Many, many cases have investigated heat to be stored underground. Getting the heat underground is somewhat of a problem, but...2020-05-19
24 McLennan, JohnGeothermal Battery Surface Facilities Economics and Finance as an O&G play
25 Rebekah Cummings; Lindsay Ozburn; Andrea Payant; Betty Rozum; Michael Shelton; Ryan BushmanAssessing Research Compliance for Federally Funded Projects: The Good, the Bad, and the Publicly AccessibleIn 2016, Utah State University launched a program to ensure their campus' federal grant recipients were in compliance with funder mandates to share any data or publications produced as a result of the award. This paper discusses how a cross-institutional team of librarians and administrators evaluat...research data management; assessment; online asynchronous focus groups (OAFG); grant compliance2020-08-12
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