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1 Balasubramonian, RajeevNDC: Analyzing the impact of 3D-stacked memory+logic devices on MapReduce workloadsWhile Processing-in-Memory has been investigated for decades, it has not been embraced commercially. A number of emerging technologies have renewed interest in this topic. In particular, the emergence of 3D stacking and the imminent release of Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube device have made it more pra...2014-01-01
2 Mathews, V. JohnNeural decoding using a nonlinear generative model for brain-computer interfaceKalman filters have been used to decode neural signals and estimate hand kinematics in many studies. However, most prior work assumes a linear system model, an assumption that is almost certainly violated by neural systems. In this paper, we show that adding nonlinearities to the decoding algorithm ...2014-01-01
3 Gale, Bruce K.New approaches to bridge nerve gaps: Development of a novel drug-delivering nerve conduitContemporary bridging techniques for repairing nerve gaps caused by trauma require autologous nerve grafts, which are difficult to harvest and handle and result in significant donor site deficit. Several nerve conduits with axon growth-enhancing potential have been proposed, developed and tested ove...2012-01-01
4 Regehr, JohnOffline compression for on-chip RAMWe present offline RAM compression, an automated source-to-source transformation that reduces a program's data size. Statically allocated scalars, pointers, structures, and arrays are encoded and packed based on the results of a whole-program analysis in the value set and pointer set domains. We tar...2007-01-01
5 Shetty, Dinesh K.On the effect of birefringence on light transmission in Polycrystalline Magnesium FluorideLight transmission in polycrystalline magnesium fluoride was studied as a function of the mean grain size at different wavelengths. The mean grain size was varied by annealing hot-pressed billets in argon atmosphere at temperatures ranging from 600 to 800°C for 1 hour. The grain-size and grain-orie...2014-01-01
6 Khan, Faisal HabibOn the design of efficient magnetic coils for the stimulation of peripheral nervesNeural stimulators are the key building blocks of current neuroprosthetic systems, such as cochlear and retinal implants. Due to direct current injections and foreign body reactions, conventional current passing electrodes suffer from reduced performance and reduced lifetimes. However, magnetic fiel...2013-01-01
7 Regehr, JohnPh.D. Proposal: hierarchical loadable schedulersThe processors in workstations, personal computers, and servers are becoming increasingly powerful, enabling them to run new kinds of applications, and to simultaneously run combinations of applications that were previously infeasible. However, fast hardware is not enough-the operating system must e...1999-01-01
8 Khan, Faisal HabibPV faults: Overview, modeling, prevention and detection techniquesRecent PV faults and subsequent fire-hazards on April 5, 2009, in Bakersfield, California, and April 16, 2011, in Mount Holly, North Carolina provide evidence of a lack of knowledge among PV system manufacturers and installers about different PV faults. The conducted survey within the scope of this ...2013-01-01
9 Yang, HaoriPulsed photofission delayed gamma ray detection for nuclear material identificationInnovative systems with increased sensitivity and resolution are in great demand to detect diversion and to prevent misuse in support of nuclear materials management for the U.S. fuel cycle. Nuclear fission is the most important multiplicative process involved in non-destructive active interrogation...2012-01-01
10 Scarpulla, MichaelPulsed laser induced ohmic back contact in CdTe solar cellsCreating an ohmic back contact has long been a problem for making efficient CdTe solar cells. Current devices utilize some combination of preferential chemical etching, buffer layer, and Cu doping with additional cost, time, and complexity added for each step. In this Letter, these processes are esc...2014-01-01
11 Khan, Faisal HabibPV ground-fault detection using spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR)A PV ground-fault detection technique using spread spectrum time domain reflectometry (SSTDR) method has been introduced in this paper. SSTDR is a reflectometry method that has been commercially used for detecting aircraft wire faults. Unlike other fault detection schemes for a PV system, ground fau...2013-01-01
12 Scarpulla, MichaelPulsed laser processing of electrodeposited CuInSe2 photovoltaic absorber thin filmsIn this report we investigate the effects of pulsed laser annealing (PLA) on both as-electrodeposited (ED) and electrodeposited-furnace annealed (EDA) CuInSe2 (CIS) samples by varying the laser fluence (J/cm2) and number of pulses. Results for as-ED samples indicate that liquid CIS-phase formation d...2011-01-01
13 Khan, Faisal HabibReliability analysis and performance degradation of a boost converterIn general, power converters are operated in closed-loop systems, and any characteristic variations in one component will simultaneously alter the operating point of other components, resulting in a shift in overall reliability profile. This interdependence makes the reliability of a converter a com...2014-01-01
14 Tasdizen, TolgaSerial section registration of axonal confocal microscopy datasets for long-range neural circuit reconstructionIn the context of long-range digital neural circuit reconstruction, this paper investigates an approach for registering axons across histological serial sections. Tracing distinctly labeled axons over large distances allows neuroscientists to study very explicit relationships between the brain's com...2012-01-01
15 Tiwari, AshutoshShape of the Hanle curve in spin-transport structures in the presence of an ac driveResistance between two ferromagnetic electrodes coupled to a normal channel depends on their relative magnetizations. The spin-dependent component, R, of the resistance changes with magnetic field, B, normal to the directions of magnetizations. In the field of spin transport, this change, R(B), orig...2014-01-01
16 Freire, JulianaSiphoning hidden-web data through keyword-based interfacesIn this paper, we study the problem of automating the retrieval of data hidden behind simple search interfaces that accept keyword-based queries. Our goal is to automatically retrieve all available results (or, as many as possible). We propose a new approach to siphon hidden data that automatically ...2004-01-01
17 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Simulation of self-assembled compositional core-shell structures in In xGa 1-xN nanowiresWe report the simulation of compositional core-shell structure formation in epitaxial InGaN nanowires (NWs) and its dependence on kinetic growth mode and epitaxial relation to substrate, based on atomistic-strain-model Monte Carlo simulations. On a lattice mismatched substrate, the layer-by-layer gr...2012-01-01
18 Regehr, JohnUsing hierarchical scheduling to support soft real-time applications in general-purpose operating systemsThe CPU schedulers in general-purpose operating systems are designed to provide fast response time for interactive applications and high throughput for batch applications. The heuristics used to achieve these goals do not lend themselves to scheduling real-time applications, nor do they meet other s...2001-01-01
19 Kirby, Robert MichaelVerifying volume rendering using discretization error analysisWe propose an approach for verification of volume rendering correctness based on an analysis of the volume rendering integral, the basis of most DVR algorithms. With respect to the most common discretization of this continuous model (Riemann summation), we make assumptions about the impact of parame...2014-01-01
20 Ring, Terry ArthurVerification of analytic energy moments for the one-dimensional energy dependent neutron diffusion equation with MCNP5 and Attila-7.1.0The energy dependent neutron diffusion equation (EDNDE) is converted into a moment equation which is solved analytically for the 1-D problem of a bare sphere of pure 235U. The normalized moments 0-5 generated analytically are compared to normalized energy moments, from Monte Carlo N Particle 5 versi...2012-01-01
21 Ring, Terry ArthurValidation of energy moments from the one-dimensional energy dependent neutron diffusion equation, MCNP5 and Attila-7.1.0 with the GODIVA experimentNormalized neutron energy moments (moments) from the one-dimensional energy dependent neutron diffusion equation (EDNDE), Monte Carlo N Particle 5 version 1.40 (MCNP5) and Attila-7.1.0-beta version (Attila) are validated with the GODIVA experiment (GODIVA). Energy moments 0-5 for all three methods a...2012-01-01
22 Myers, Chris J.Utilizing stochastic model checking to analyze genetic circuitsWhen designing and analyzing genetic circuits, researchers are often interested in the probability of the system reaching a given state within a certain amount of time. Usually, this involves simulating the system to produce some time series data and analyzing this data to discern the state probabil...2012-01-01
23 Regehr, JohnVertically integrated analysis and transformation for embedded softwareProgram analyses and transformations that are more aggressive and more domain-specific than those traditionally performed by compilers are one possible route to achieving the rapid creation of reliable and efficient embedded software. We are creating a new framework for Vertically Integrated Program...2003-01-01
24 Ostafin, AgnesNanomedicine making headway across the blood brain barrierNanotechnological advances implemented by nanomedicine have allowed significant development of imaging strategies, therapeutics and theranostics for many severe and life threatening diseases such as brain tumors, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders. The Blood-Br...2012-01-01
25 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshOvis: A framework for visual analysis of ocean forecast ensemblesWe present a novel integrated visualization system that enables interactive visual analysis of ensemble simulations of the sea surface height that is used in ocean forecasting. The position of eddies can be derived directly from the sea surface height and our visualization approach enables their int...2014-01-01
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