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1 Rudiger von Arnim"A global model of recovery and rebalancing," Cambridge Journal of Economics, with Steve Bannister and Nathan Perry2012-08-01
2 Warner, Homer R."Painless" Myocardial InfarctionBiomedical Informatics1951
3 Mariam Thalos"The lens of chemistry," Science and Education 21: 10 (2012).2012-11-01
4 Mallat, Chibli'A conversation to be had' on war and law: Obama's Nobel speechEven more than in the Cairo address, the Nobel speech will mark the Obama legacy. The subject is pithy, combining defense, foreign affairs and international law on the most difficult subject that human kind has ever addressed: war. Thanks to the entreaty of the Nobel committee, which forced the US p...2009-12-24
5 Mallon, Ronald'Race': normative, not metaphysical or semanticIn recent years, there has been a flurry of work on the metaphysics of race. While it is now widely accepted that races do not share robust, biobehavioral essences, opinions differ over what, if anything, race is. Recent work has been divided between three apparently quite different answers. A varie...2006
6 Liu, Feng(BAl12)Cs: a cluster-assembled solidFirst-principles calculations on the geometry and stability of AlnBm clusters have been carried out to examine the effect of size, composition, and electronic-shell filling on their relative stability. It is shown that although Al and B are both trivalent, a BAl12 cluster is more stable than an Al1...First-principles calculations; (BAl12)Cs; Cluster-assembled; AlnBm clusters1997-06
7 Francis, LeslieIn the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)Reviews the book `In the Realm of Legal and Moral Philosophy;,' by Matthew H. Kramer.Books; Philosophy2001-01
8 Poulter, Charles Dale(S)-Geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate synthase. Purification and characterization of the first pathway-specific enzyme in archaebacterial membrane lipid biosynthesisThe first pathway-specific step in the biosynthesis of the core membrane diether lipids in archaebacteria is the alkylation of the primary hydroxyl group in (S)-glyceryl phosphate by geranylgeranyl diphosphate. The reaction is catalyzed by (S)-3-O-geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate ((S)-GGGP) synthase...Polyacrylamide gel; Molecular weight1993-10-15
9 Gesteland, Raymond F.; Atkins, John F.; Wills, Norma M.-1 frameshifting at a CGA AAG hexanucleotide site is required for transposition of insertion sequence IS1222The discovery of programmed _x0001_1 frameshifting at the hexanucleotide shift site CGA_AAG, in addition to the classical X_XXY_YYZ heptanucleotide shift sequences, prompted a search for instances among eubacterial insertion sequence elements. IS1222 has a CGA_AAG shift site. A genetic analysis re...Hexanucleotides; Heptanucleotides; Frameshifting2004
10 Normann, Richard A.; Campbell, Patrick K.; Jones, Kelly E.100 electrode intracortical array: structural variabilityA technique has been developed for fabricating three dimensional "hair brush" electrode arrays from monocrystalline silicon blocks. Arrays consist of a square pattern of 100 penetrating electrodes, with 400 microns interelectrode spacing. Each electrode is 1.5mm in length and tapers from about 100 m...Microelectrode arrays; Stimulation; Micromachining1990
11 Ailion, David Charles109Ag NMR investigation of atomic motions in the incommensurate and paraelectric phases of proustite (Ag3AsS3)109Ag NMR line shape, T1 , Hahn spin echo, and Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill ~CPMG! spin-echo measurements were performed in proustite (Ag3AsS3) between 420 and 47 K in order to understand the role of atomic motions in phase transitions in a system containing an incommensurate phase. These measurements ...NMR; Atomic motion; Proustitie; Phase transitions; Line shape2000
12 Furse, Cynthia M.13 crazy, notorious things to do in an EM classThe average attention span of an adult human is 12-20 minutes. Our lectures are 50-80 minutes. Attention Span Math reminds us to take a break now and then, and to bring the class back to life by bringing some life to the class. Many students learn things better if they can see and touch them, so thi...Attention span; Fun2005-06
13 Ailion, David Charles14N study of the role of N-D---O bonds in the deuteron glass transition14N spin-lattice relaxation-time measurements in Rb0.28(ND4)0.72D2PO4 provide direct evidence for the fast exchange averaging of the "long" and "short" N-D---O hydrogen bonds between the ND4 group and the four surrounding PO4 groups. This exchange and the associated distortion of the ND4 tetrahedron...NMR; Hydrogen bonds; Spin-lattice; Relaxation-time; Deuteron glass1999
14 Poulter, Charles Dale; Davis, Darrell R.15N labeled e. coli tRNAMet, tRNAGlu, tRNATyr, and tRNAPhe. Double resonance and two dimensional NMR of H-N1 units in pseudouridineThe N1 imino units in Escherichia coli tRNAfMet, tRNAGlu, tRNAPhe, and tRNATyr were studied by 1H-15N NMR using three different techniques to suppress signals of protons not attached to 15N. Two of the procedures, Fourier internuclear difference spectroscopy and two-dimensional forbidden echo spectr...Escherichia coli; Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; Nucleic acid conformation1985-08-15
15 Poulter, Charles Dale; Davis, Darrell R.15N-labeled Escherichia coli tRNAfMet, tRNAGlu, tRNATyr, and tRNAPhe. Double resonance and two-dimensional NMR of N1-labeled pseudouridine.The N1 imino units in Escherichia coli tRNAfMet, tRNAGlu, tRNAPhe, and tRNATyr were studied by 1H-15N NMR using three different techniques to suppress signals of protons not attached to 15N. Two of the procedures, Fourier internuclear difference spectroscopy and two-dimensional forbidden echo spectr...Escherichia coli; Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; Nitrogen; Nucleic acid conformation1985-08-15
16 Poulter, Charles Dale; Davis, Darrell R.15N-labeled tRNA. Identification of 4-thiouridine in Escherichia coli tRNASer1 and tRNATyr2 by 1H-15N two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy.Uridine is uniquely conserved at position 8 in elongator tRNAs and binds to A14 to form a reversed Hoogsteen base pair which folds the dihydrouridine loop back into the core of the L-shaped molecule. On the basis of 1H NMR studies, Hurd and co-workers (Hurd, R. E., Robillard, G. T., and Reid, B. R. ...Magnetic resonance spectroscopy1986-09-15
17 Poulter, Charles Dale; Davis, Darrell R.15N-labeled tRNA. Identification of dihydrouridine in Escherichia coli tRNAfMet, tRNALys, and tRNAPhe by 1H-15N two-dimensional NMR.The N3 imino units of dihydrouridine were identified in samples of 15N-labeled Escherichia coli tRNAfMet, tRNALys, and tRNAPhe by 1H-15N two-dimensional NMR. The peaks for dihydrouridine had high field 1H (9.7-9.8 ppm) and 15N (147.8-149.5 ppm) chemical shifts. Assignments were made by 1H-15N chemic...Hydrogen Bonding; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy1986-03-15
18 Seger, Jon1998 Sewall Wright Award: William Donald HamiltonThe Sewall Wright Award was established in 1991 to honor active investigators who have contributed in especially significant ways to the conceptual unification of the biological sciences. This year's recipient is William D. Hamilton of Oxford University. Beginning in the 1960s with his papers on the...Evolution; Biological; Research1999
19 Miller, Joel Steven1H NMR investigation of the magnetic spin configuration in the molecule-based ferrimagnet [MnTFPP][TCNE]1H NMR line-shape measurements have been performed in the linear chain molecule-based ferrimagnet [MnTFPP][TCNE].xPhMe (TFPP=tetrakis(4-fluorophenyl)porphinato; TCNE=tetracyanoethylene) as a function of temperature. Hyperfine shifts of opposite sign were observed indicating the presence of two oppo...Magnetization; Magnets; Paramagnetic2002
20 Henderson, Thomas C.2-D scene analysis using split-level relaxationWe present a new method for applying multiple semantic constraints based on discrete relaxation. A separate graph is maintained for each constraint relation and used in parallel to achieve a consistent labeling. This permits both local and global analysis without recourse to complete graphs. Here l...Discrete relaxation; Split-level relaxation1985
21 Johnston, Susan S.20 ways to maximize the use of single switch technology with students with severe disabilitesStudents with severe physical and/or cognitive disabilities may find it very difficult to engage in activities in their environment. Single switch technology can provide the means for adapting activities to meet student's diverse needs (Brett, 1995). Single switches can be used as tools for promoti...Single switch; Severe disabilities; Assistive technology; Disabled students2006
22 Rosen, Paul Andrew2D vector field simplification based on robustnessVector field simplification aims to reduce the complexity of the flow by removing features in order of their relevance and importance, to reveal prominent behavior and obtain a compact representation for interpretation. Most existing simplification techniques based on the topological skeleton succes...2014-01-01
23 Clark, James Henry3-D Design of free-form B-Spline surfaces (CSTD-74-005)This report describes an experimental system for designing free-form B-spline surfaces using a head-mounted display. In this system, the interaction with the surfaces takes place in three dimensions as the designed object's shape Is updated in real-time. The report also examines some of the problems...Computer animation1974-09
24 Zhdanov, Michael S.3-D magnetic inversion with data compression and image focusingWe develop a method of 3-D magnetic anomaly inversion based on traditional Tikhonov regularization theory. We use a minimum support stabilizing functional to generate a sharp, focused inverse image. An iterative inversion process is constructed in the space of weighted model parameters that acce...2002-01-01
25 Bhanu, Bir3-D model building for computer visionThis paper presents a Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) based approach for building 3-D models which can be used for the recognition of 3-D objects for industrial machine vision applications. The objects are designed using the Alpha_1 CAGD system developed at the University of Utah. A new metho...CAGD; 3-D models; Machine vision1985
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