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1 2009-05Gupta, IshaRole of the dorsal CA3 subregion of the brain and pattern completion in association with drug relapseDrug addiction; Pathophysiology
2 2016Yocus, McKenziThe Effects of Altitude on Blood and Bone Histometry and Body Size in Peromyscus from Nevada and Utah
3 2016Vetas, BasilRemittances and Food Price Shocks: the Effect on Food Security and Consumption Patterns in Developing Nations
4 2017Staples, AmberIncreased Stress Granule Formation and Atxn2 and Stau1 Colocalization in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 2 Patient Cells
5 2016Tran, DalenaMudafossil
6 2017Porter, Nathan EdwardLife with no Strings Attached: Nietzsche's Eternal Recrrence as Selective Principle
7 2016Nguyen, VivianThe Clash of Identities Between China and Taiwan
8 2018Fackler, Anderson N.Identification of Kin-20 and Unc-119 Knockout Suppressors Associated with Neuronal Development and Maintenance in C. Elegans
9 2018Najarian, Anastasia S.I Choose Life Project: Resolving the Dispartity of Political and Human Rights Interventions a Strategic Communication Plan to Implement Treatment for Trauma and Suicide Prevention and Reduce Global Conflict Via Digital Diplomacy
10 2018Adams, TaylorChange in Trait Impressions of the Self and Others
11 2015Kim, JeanFemale Labor Particiipation in South Korea: Implications of Policy and Culturefemale labor participation; South Korea; affirmative action; gender quality; culture; United States
12 2017Lebenzon, Roxanne MacdonaldGeometric Morphometric Identification of Woodrats: Impications for Understanding the Effects of Past EL Nino on Terrestrial Verterbrates
13 2016Hawkley, Jesse DeanMetropolitan Dive3rgence Segregation Patterns in New York and Detroit
14 2017Jensen, Warren"Determined to make Righteous Homes": LDS Expressions of Masculinity in Emerging Adulthood
15 2017Duala, ArjumResting Heart Rate in LVAD Recepients: an Indifferent Factor or An Indicator of Mortality?
16 2017Gonzalez, Carmen Adriana FloresMulticultural Literacy in the 21st Century Classrooms
17 2016Coopa, ErikModeling play Depth for Online video Advertising
18 2018Acor, CasonThe Power of Virtual Reality to Invoke Empathy and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace
19 2018Abele, MadisonLow- income pregnant women's quality of prenatal care
20 1984Zaratzian, John NayaThe federal budget deficit : a national crisisBudget -- United States United States -- Appropriations and expenditures
21 1995Young, David CreerThe golden calf rules : graven images
22 1998Zhang, JunSeveral mathematical models of the immune responseImmune response -- Mathematical models
23 1981Zagorec, John ToddThe "wheel of wealth" and the General theoryGeneral theory of employment, interest and money; Keynesian economics
24 1973Chang, NingClassical conditioning in hydraHydra
25 1977Young, RobertaThe building of the Kingdom of Heaven in the valleyPolygamy
1 - 25 of 892