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1 Wisniewski, John AndrewRational design of β-Cathenin/B-cell lymphoma 9 inhibitors, efforts to express functional ethylene receptor, and mapping the electrostatic topology of ubiquinol oxidase2019dissertation
2 Verma, KartikThe Determinants and consequences of improved sanitation toilets in Rural India2019dissertation
3 Shoemaker, S. ToddSaltair and the Mormon Church, 1893-19061983thesis
4 Wu, KuiModeling, readering, and simulating knits2019dissertation
5 Wright, MirandaLong-Term treatment outcomes of cough hypersensitivity syndrome2019thesis
6 Weyher, Robert D.Applied energy analysis of elastic deformation and brittle failure in strata2019thesis
7 Watson, James R.Assembly sequence planning by subassembly decomposition using blocking reduction2019thesis
8 Whiteley, Amber ChorubyThe healing processes of childhood sexual abuse survivors within the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: a qualitative analysis2019dissertation
9 Wei, WeiThe relationship between reading speed and reading skill in reading narrative inconsistencies: evidence from eye movements2019dissertation
10 Warren, Nicholas JamesCross-cultural perceptions of autism strengths: professionals in the U.S. and Japan2019thesis
11 Vlisides-Henry, Robert D.Like mother like daughter (or son): prenatal exposure to maternal stress and emotion dysregulation as predictors of newborn neurobehavior2019thesis
12 Van Portfleet, Nichele CarlsonControlling the fear of death through the classical body: ideas on choreography, mortality, and the potential for integrative transformation2019thesis
13 Tysor, Deborah AnneThe social benefits of nature-based recreation for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder2019dissertation
14 Tyler, Thomas R.Hygroscopic swelling for 4D-fabrication of ionic polymermetal composite soft-Robotic Devices2019thesis
15 Torosin, Nicole S.Genetic variation in toll-like receptor 7 and toll-like receptor 8 in humans and howler monkeys and potential implications for susceptibility to yellow fever virus2019dissertation
16 Turner, Sara L.Daily sleep quality and type 1 diabetes management in emerging adults: a dynamical systems examination2019dissertation
17 Thiesset, Heather Freckleton GagonUnderstanding provider prescription practices for opioids in the surgical patient2019dissertation
18 Territo, Matthew JosephFlightcontroller2019thesis
19 Smay, HannahThe seismic West: tectonic epistemologies in the colonial and nuclear anthropocene2019thesis
20 Shelbourn, MauriannaThe problem of the queer protectors: (RE)articulating the rhetorical figure of the soldier in Military membership controversies2019dissertation
21 Su, WeicongA stochastic model for solar flares: on the peaks of a stochastic heat equation on a sphere with a large radius2019dissertation
22 Stowell, RichardFraming the American Warrior: Ethos and virtue in the U.S. Army, 2003-20142019dissertation
23 Stevenson, Peter RulonPlasmonic and chiral plasmonic light-matter orientation-dependent anisotropy2019dissertation
24 Steele, Peter ArthurSedimentology, stratigraphic architecture, isotopic composition, and reservoir characterization of the jurassic Navajo Sandstone, San Rafael Swell, Utah2019thesis
25 Stanczyk, Anna MarieGeomorphic and sedimentologic impacts of Mass movements in Canyon Topography: A case study in Hop Valley, Zion National Park, Utah2019thesis
1 - 25 of 7,482