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1 Thermoregulatory, cardiovascular, and metabolic dynamics during prolonged cycling in normoconvective and hyperconvective environmentsTwelve competitive cyclists performed 90-minute cycling bouts at 70% Vo2max in normoconvestive (wind speed, <.2 mps) and hyperconvective (wind speed, 4.05 mps) environments with a controlled ambient temperature and humidity. Repeated measures ANOVA (R < .005) revealed that rectal temperature was hig...Cycling -- Physiological aspects1993
2 Judas Iscariot: a vehicle of medieval didacticismThe role of Judas Iscariot in the French Passion plays of the f1iddle Ages shows itself to be of particular interest, not only because of the possible interpretations offered by this figure of semi-darkness, but also because some authors of fifteenth-century Mystery plays inserted a very curious leg...1976
3 Discrimination against the negro in Utah and institutional efforts to eliminate itThis thesis is a look at the Negro in Utah, his history and his position from early settlement to the late 1960's. The Negro population in Utah increased steadily during most of this period, but it never became more than one-half of one percent of the total population of the state. The Negro populat...1971
4 The History of Utah's Railroads 1869-1883The nation's railways hold a fascination for thousands of enthuiastic Americans, young and old I who band together in model railroading clubs and organizations formed to study the history and folklore of the railroad. These arm-chair "railroaders" demand and are provided with numerous periodicals an...1970
5 Evolutionary ecology of parasite diversification: Experiments with pigeons and their ectoparasitesTo understand the process of speciation, evolutionary biologists have traditionally researched extant groups of organisms that have undergone adaptive radiation. Studying speciation in this way relies on inferences about past selective events that have shaped contemporary patterns of diversification...Ecology; Evolution and Development2016
6 Theory and permanency of calibration of the single-phase induction wattmeterThe purpose of the modern electrical power plant is to furnish electrical energy to the public for illuminating, heating and power. The public compensates the owners of the power plant by paying them a stipulated sum for each unit of energy consumed by it.Wattmeter - Calibration1910
7 Geology of the Davis Knolls and northern Big Davis Mountain area, Tooele County, UtahThree distinct topographic and structural features comprise the area located immediately south and southeast of the town of Dugway, Tooele County, Utah. These are, from west to east, Big Davis Mountain, Southern Skull Valley, and the Davis Knolls. Formations divisible at the northern end of Big Dav...Geology -- Utah -- Tooele County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1962-08
8 A program of testing in the public schools of Tintic School District, UtahThis study is an application of modern methods of educational measurements and statistics in a survey of certain educational conditions relative to pupil-status in Tintic School District. The resulting data are used for comparative purpose, and for the practical problem of reclassifying the pupils ...Tintic School District (Utah); Educational tests and measurements; Ability grouping in education1925
9 A study of the Utah public school costs of the W.P.A recreation project for the school year of 1939-1940The Recreation Project of the Works Progress Administration has been sponsored by the State Board of Education since 1935. The project was written on a state-wide basis, to operate in each and every county. It was required that in each county or unit, a co-sponsor, having legal authority to conduct ...Utah, United States; Work Projects Administration; Recreation - Utah - Finance; Education - Utah - Finance1942-08
10 Structural Evolution of the Uinta Mountains, Utah, and their Interaction with the Utah-Wyoming Salient of the Sevier Overthrust BeltThesis (Ph. D.)--Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah, 1988. 194 pages.Geology -- Utah -- Uinta Mountains1988-06
11 Evolution of the novel in modern Tunisian literatureThe writer's purpose in this study is to trace the evolution of the Arabic novel in Tunisia. Six writers and their works were studied in an effort to determine the development of the novel in contemporary Tunisian literature.Arabic literature -- Tunisia -- History and criticism1972-06
12 Adipocyte Iron Regulation and the Effects of Iron on the Regulation of Adiponectin and LeptinThe incidence and prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes are increasingrapidly worldwide. There has been considerable interest in the factors contributing to both obesity and diabetes. While adipocytes were previously thought to be inert storage depots for excess calories, recent studies have dem...2011-05
13 Alcohol, Stress, and Decision MakingAlcoholism is enormously costly to both individuals and society, and alcoholics suffer from high rates of relapse. Both acute and chronic alcohol consumption contribute to impulsive choice, or the preference for immediate rewards, even when delayed rewards are more valuable. The research presented h...2013-08
14 Tooele Valley, Utah: A regional interpretation of the changing economiesThis is a study of the physical and cultural geography of a small, well defined area - Tooele Valley, Utah. This is a regional study, attempting to show how a group of people have adapted to the limitations imposed upon their particular culture and to indicate the workable relationships they have e...Tooele Valley, Utah1953-08
15 The old missions of CaliforniaMissions for the conversion of pagan nations began with the advent of Christianity. They are the result of Christ's command to HIs Apostles, "Go ye into the whole world and teach all nations and teach them to observe whatsoever I have told you". Since that time the messengers of Christianity have ...Missions, Spanish -- California -- History1912
16 The Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth of the Group III Antimonide Semiconductors Using New Sb SourcesThesis (Ph. D.)--Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Utah, 1996.; Includes bibliographical references.Epitaxy; Semiconductors; Antimony alloys1996-08
17 Abortive Panacea: Brazilian military settlements: 1850 to 1913Nineteenth century Brazilian statesmen thought that in the institution of military settlement they had a pair of seven league boots with which they could bestride their nation's untamed interior, broadcasting colonial nuclei much like a sower would spread seeds on virgin soil. While Brazil's backlan...Brazil - Military policy1972-06
18 Influences of Self-Care in the Context of Caregiving for a Spouse With a Brain Tumor: A Theoretical ModelAttention on an ill spouse usually shifts a caregiver's attention to self-care to a lower priority of concern, particularly when the ill spouse has a primary brain tumor (PBT). This study's aim was to explore the psychosocial processes that shape the personal health behaviors of caregivers whose spo...2012-08
19 Co-operative and communistic elements in the development of Utah : from original sourcesThe object of the writer has not been to produce a well balanced rhetoric paper, nor has an attempt been made at a scientifically discussion of Co-operation of Communism. It is not even proposed to discuss the practicability of either one of these except as it may call for comment incidentally. Al...Cooperation - Utah; Utah - History1905
20 Adaptive theory - Educational implications and an exemplary Earth Science curriculumIn this study, a general theory of adaptation based on statistical graphics was proposed for the purpose of providing perspective in complex situations. The educational implications of the theory suggested an adaptive curriculum design that would embrace most existing educational models. To exempl...Education -- Philosophy; Earth sciences -- Study and teaching (Secondary)1975
21 A study of the development and history of projects in homemaking with special reference to methods, attitudes, values, and purposesThe facilities afforded by the home economics department of the average high school are inadequate for the best training in homemaking activities and in establishing ideals. The department work is not closely enough related to either the needs of the girl or to actual home conditions. Thoughtful t...Home economics1922
22 A sociological study of Mexican assimilation in Salt Lake CityThe mere act of migration does not make a foreigner into a real member of a new community or a new nation. Consciously or unconsciously one takes much of the old group to the new. He carries his nationality with him wherever he may go. He will forget it or change it only with the passing of time and...Mexicans -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Assimilation (Sociology)1947
23 Geologic map of the Torrey Quadrangle, Wayne County, UtahMap depicting the geology of Torrey, Utah.Torrey. Utah - Geology; Geology Mapping2016
24 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsA hardware-software system has been built which measures the three-dimensional positions of multiple points. In most cases, the points are light-emitting diodes which may be attached to wands, gloves, clothing, etc. The position of a light source is measured by scanning the environment and determini...Real-time data processing; Computer graphics1973-06
25 A study in the training of teachers to evaluate language compositions objectivelyIn this study the word language is used in the sense of its being the means of communicating one's thoughts to others through the media of oral and written expression.Grading and marking (Students); English language - Composition and exercises1930-06
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