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5 Optical sequence time domain reflectrometry for aircraftwire fault detectionAircraft today are being used well beyond their expected lifetime. Although regular maintenance and troubleshooting is thoroughly done, wiring on the aircraft is an issue that still needs to be resolved. Over the last decade, increasingly high importance has been given to aircraft wiring as wiring h...Airplanes--Electric wiring; Electric fault location2010-03-30
6 Arterial Tortuosity Measurement System for Examining Correlations with Vascular DiseaseHigh arterial tortuosity, or twistedness, is a sign of many vascular diseases. Some ocular diseases are clinically diagnosed in part by assessment of increased tortuosity of ocular blood vessels. Increased arterial tortuosity is seen in other vascular diseases but is not commonly used for clinical d...2011-12
7 Comparative ontogeny of form and function in developing mallard ducks (anas platyrhynchos)Two major strategies exist among developing warm-blooded vertebrates to cope with the vulnerable nature of being diminutive and inexperienced as a juvenile. Precocial juveniles decrease their vulnerability by entering the world in a relatively mature state of development - newly born or hatched ne...Flight; Life-history biology; Locomotion; Mallard; Morphology; Ontogeny2010-08
8 Capture of BCR-ABL for Induction of Apoptosis in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia: From Inhibition to Nuclear EscortThe primary cause of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is the presence of the Philadelphia chromosome, resulting in the oncoprotein Bcr-Abl. The constitutive tyrosine kinase activity of Bcr-Abl, localized intracellularly in the cytoplasm, activates numerous oncogenic signaling pathways. Conversely,...2011-12
9 An exploration of meta-emotion and communicative behavior among parents and adolescents during family therapyThis dissertation forwards a conceptualization of Meta-Emotion Behavior during the family therapy sessions of adolescent males enrolled in a residential treatment center. Inferences drawn and described in Chapters IV, V and VI were grounded in the participants' communicative behaviors. Fifteen resid...Emotional competence; Emotion coaching; Family therapy; Meta-emotion; Meta-emotion philosophy; Residential treatment2012-08
10 Generation of Independent Complement Receptor 1 and Complement Receptor 2 Knockout Mice and Defining the Role of Complement Receptor 1 in Humoral ImmunityComplement receptor (Cr)1 and Cr2 have long been studied in relation to humoral immunity. These receptors are alternative splice variants of the murine Cr2 gene, and all previous investigations of the effect of Cr1 and Cr2 on humoral immunity have been conducted utilizing mouse models deficient in b...2013-12
11 American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) and "Nominal Christians": Elias Riggs (1810-1901) and American missionary activities in the Ottoman EmpireIn this dissertation, I investigate the missionary activities of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) in the Ottoman Empire. I am particularly interested in exploring the impact of the activities of one of the most important missionaries, Elias Riggs, on the minorities in...ABCFM; American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; American Missionaries; Elias Riggs; nominal Christians; Ottoman Empire2013-05
12 Veteran status, race, and labor mobility in the United StatesUsing a new, representative, longitudinal microdata sample that observes native-born white and black men in 1917 and in 1930 in rich detail, this dissertation investigates the determinants of World War I (WWI) draft probability, the effects of WWI military service on subsequent occupational and geog...Great migration; Race; Veterans; WWI veterans2012-05
13 Use of evidence-based practice by outpatient oncology nurses in the management of cancer-related pain and fatiguePrevious studies of cancer-related pain and fatigue guidelines adoption by nurses demonstrated low adoption. The purposes of this study was to follow-up and determine current levels of adoption for pain/fatigue guidelines by outpatient oncology nurses, determine factors that affect adoption, compare...Cancer-related fatigue; Cancer-related pain; Evidence-based practice; Nursing; Oncology; Outpatient2012-12
14 Exploring the relationship between career interests and work values as measured by the choices career information delivery systemPerson by environment fit is the most common approach used to support career decision making. In short, individuals learn how their personal characteristics can be "matched" to the occupations that correspond to those characteristics. Various career assessments have been designed to facilitate this...Career interests; O*NET; P-E Fit; Vocational guidance; Work values2010-08
15 Hope as a Discursive Practice in Cancer Decision-MakingThe purpose of this study was to examine hope both as a powerful discursive element in health-related literature and as a discursive practice in cancer research decision-making by patients, family caregivers, and physician researchers in a quaternary cancer research center. The practice of hope is a...2011-08
16 Inhabiting the canalHistory and future of the Taylorsville canal.Taylorsville, Utah; Irrigation2007
17 Design of a microcamera using a silicon based closed-loop microdeployable structureMicromechanics; Miniature cameras2007-11-12
18 Geology of the San Arroyo gas field Grand County, UtahFrom the time of its discovery in 1962 the San Arroyo the Field in Grand County, Utah, has been a source of oil and gas from productive intervals in the Cretaceous Cedar Mountain, Dakota, and Mancos Shale Formations, and in the Late Jurassic Entrada and Morrison Formations. At present, natural gas...Geology; Utah; Grand County; Natural gas; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1972-08
19 Fast least squares migration with a deblurring filerLeast squares migration (LSM) is a linearized waveform inversion for estimating a subsurface reflectivity model that, relative to conventional migration, offers improved spatial resolution of migration images. The cost, however, is that LSM typically requires 10 or more iterations, which is about 20...Seismic prospecting; Least squares2009-05
20 Oxygen isotope, cathodoluminescence, and titanium in quartz geothermometry in the Alta Stock, UT: geothermical insights into pluton assembly and early cooling historyThe Alta Stock in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah is a well-studied intrusion and is associated with a large, well-developed contact aureole; thus, the stock provides an excellent opportunity to test new geochemical approaches for investigating the assembly history of plutons. A combination of oxyg...Intrusions (Geology); Stodks (Geology); Geochemistry2009-06-15
21 Agreement in TuyucaThe main premise of this thesis is that subject agreement morphology in Tuyuca can be isolated from the rest of the morphology. Subject agreement appears on evidentials, nominalizers, animate classifiers, gerunds, and verb stems requiring an auxiliary. This agreement is instantiated by a pervasive f...Tuyuca language; Agreement2008-12
22 The relationship between adiponectin to leptin ratio, metabolic dysfunction, and diet in the pediatric obeseAdipokines, including adiponectin and leptin, are secreted by adipose tissue. With an increase in fat mass, concentrations of adiponectin decrease and leptin increase, altering the adiponectin/leptin (A/L) ratio. A/L ratio is associated with metabolic dysfunction, as are multiple diet factors includ...Adiponectin; Breakfast; Breastfeeding; Leptin; Nutrition; Obesity2013-08
23 Studying the genesis of typhoon Nuri (2008) with numerical simulations and data assimilationForecasting tropical cyclone (TC) genesis is a challenging problem. This dissertation attempts to understand the following questions through studying the genesis of Typhoon Nuri (2008) with numerical simulations and data assimilation: 1) What are the atmospheric conditions and processes that contrib...Data assimilation; Numerical simulation; Tropical cyclone genesis2013-12
24 Using theatre for social change to address sexual violence against college womenThe present study focuses on the need for sexual assault prevention interventions among college student populations. A review of the literature indicates that theatre-based prevention interventions are effective in preventing sexual violence among student populations. Chapter 2 of this dissertation ...Emebodied pedagogy; Feminist research; Prevention; Qualitative research; Sexual violence; Theatre of the oppressed2012-08
25 Three essays in applied international macroeconomics: causes of growth and stagnation in the 19th Century United StatesThis dissertation is composed of three essays on U.S. macroeconomic development in the 19th century. Its focus is on the role of international trade and finance in governing the pace and nature of domestic growth. I argue the balance of payments and the institutions that govern its development playe...Balance of Payments; Economic Growth; Economic History of the United States2012-12
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