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1 1969 Statistical Abstract of Utah1969Textir_eua
2 1976 Statistical Abstract of Utah1976-01Textir_eua
3 1984 baseline projections executive summary1984-09Textir_eua
4 1986 baseline projections1986-06Textir_eua
5 1987 baseline projections1987-04Textir_eua
6 A Roadmap for Improving Utah's Behavioral Health System2020Textir_kcg
7 A projections model for small area economies1966-06Textir_eua
8 A relational view of consumer social learning in virtual communities2014-12Textir_etd
9 A spatial allocation model for regional impact projectionsTextir_eua
10 A survey of exchange rate systems with focus on currency boards and on Hong Kong's experience in particular2014-05Textir_htoa
11 Abnormal Stock Returns and Hurricanes Event Study of the five Most Destructive Hurricanes to make Landfall in the United States Since 20052017Textir_htoa
12 Abridged life tables for males and females: Utah and its planning districts, 19801985-10Textir_eua
13 Accounting measurement and beta risk measures2012-08Textir_etd
14 Adthing: a Student Experience2018Textir_htoa
15 Affects of user generated videos on brands2009-05Textir_etd
16 Age and sex population projection for Utah counties: 1975-2010 (High medium Projection)2010Textir_eua
17 Age and sex population projections for Utah counties: 1975-20101978-06Textir_eua
18 An Economic Analysis of Utah's Industrial Banks2020Textir_kcg
19 An Economic Analysis of Utah's Industrial Banks2020Textir_kcg
20 An Historic Overview of Office, Industrial, and Retail Development and Their Recent Demand Drivers in Salt Lake City2020Textir_kcg
21 An analysis of land use in the Salt Lake, Ogden and Utah Valley Area transportation studies 1960 1970, and 19951972-12Textir_eua
22 An analysis of the motor carrier and railroad freight system of Utah1965Textir_etd
23 An environmental study of the development of the Utah labor movement, 1860-19351968Textir_etd
24 An environmental study of the development of the Utah labor movement, 1860-1935 vol.21968Textir_etd
25 An industrial development information system for Utah1969-12Textir_eua
1 - 25 of 245