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1 Weeks, Trisha L. T."I'll always be that awkward one": How mothers and adolescents jointly construct adolescent selves in conversationadolescent development; conversation; Identity; maternal scaffolding; narrative construction2013-05dissertation
2 Young, Yvette M."Making do" in the land of opportunity: an exploration of the economic integration of refugees in UtahSociology; American studies2018dissertation
3 Story, Trent NathanA comparison of fixation and fractal measures of eye movement when viewing pictures with affective valenceAffect; Eye movement; Fixations; Fractals2016dissertation
4 Mueller, Joshua RobertA history of paleotempestology and paleoecology from the British Virgin Island2018dissertation
5 Raihan, MahfuzA macroeconomic model for determining yields on municipal bond market for states under u.s. monetary unionMacroeconomy; Municipal Bond; Probability of Default; Real Business Cycle; State Finance2015-12dissertation
6 Li, YingruA multilevel analysis of China's regional inequality in a geographic information system environmentChina regional development; China economic development; China socioeconomic2012-05dissertation
7 James, Colleen MarieA new approach to the study of sexual violence: development and psychometric properties of a preliminary multi-item research instrument assessing rape-resistant attitudes2019dissertation
8 Zhang, YuanA rangeland predictive phenological model for the upper Colorado River Basin and its web deliveryDecision support system; Multivariate adaptive regression splines; Phenological modeling; Phenology; Remote sensing; Upper Colorado River Basin2013-08dissertation
9 Kopp, Derinna VivianAdaptation of cancellous bone to habitual loading: trabecular architecture of the artiodactyl calcaneusBone adaptation; Cancellous bone; Trabecular architecture2014-05dissertation
10 Hodson, Gabrielle StellaAdaptive responses to scarcity among lactating desert womenAdaptation; Alloparenting; Energy expenditure; Hot-cold syndrome; Lactation2011-12dissertation
11 Mackaronis, Julia E.Adolescent sexual offending: assessing sexual interest and exploring treatment trajectories and outcomeAdolescent; Assessment; Offending; Sexual; Treatment2014-05dissertation
12 Hart, Isaac AlfredAfter the rain: using paleoclimatic and paleoecological methods to inform archaeological investigation in Baja California and Range Creek Canyon, UtahArchaeology; Paleoecology2017dissertation
13 Birmingham, WendyAmbivalence and cardiovascular function: examining ambulatory blood pressure and marital qualityAmbivalence; Blood pressure; Cardiovascular; Marriage; Relationship quality; Social support2011-08dissertation
14 Owen, Rebecca YoungAn evaluation of Salt Lake Peer court effectiveness: completion and recidivism2020dissertation
15 Martin, Erik Paul JohnsonAn examination of the role of costly signaling and projectile optimization in prehistoric large game hunting in the Great Basin2019dissertation
16 Kobayashi, TetsuoAn interactive visualization tool for mobile objectsExploratory data analysis; GIS; Mobile object; Visualization2010-08dissertation
17 Gunn, Heather E.An interpersonal analysis of psychosocial stress and sleepInterpersonal; Presleep arousal; Sleep; Stress2012-12dissertation
18 Franco, Heidi HicksAnalysis of state public employee retirement systems (PERS): governance network complexity, capacity, accountability and legitimacyGovernance; Governance networks; Pension plans; PERS; Privatization; State and local government2010dissertation
19 Arismendi, Jacquel LynnAncient MtDNA sequences from prehistoric north american arctic populationsAncient DNA; Mitochondrial DNA; Molecular Anthropology; North American Arctic; Population prehistory2015dissertation
20 Liu, Xin-HuaAndrogens regulate cell proliferation of human prostate cancer in culture by up-regulating an autocrine growth loop involving EGF receptor and its ligand TGFalphaEpidermal Growth1992-12dissertation
21 Cao, LinaAnthropogenic habitat disturbance and the dynamics of hantavirus using remote sensing, GIS, and a spatially explicit agent-based modelAgent-based model; Deer mouse; GIS; Hantavirus; MODIS; Peromyscus maniculatus2010-08dissertation
22 Bohlender, Ryan JamesArchaic admixture in modern humansArchaic admixture; Denisovan; Gene genealogy; Neanderthal; Population genetics2015dissertation
23 Tackney, Justin C.Arctic prehistory through ancient dnaancient DNA; Beringia; Mitochondria; Native Americans; Next-generation Sequencing; Population Genetics2016dissertation
24 Russell, Christopher B.Assessing a culture of power: the case of John Swallow, Utah attorney general2016dissertation
25 Fagundes, Christopher PAttachment, autonomic functioning, and adolescent lossAdolescence; Attachment; Loss; Psychophysiology2010-08dissertation
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