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1 "Aguantamos porque no nos queda de otra" (we hold up because we have no other option): Everyday resistance in the lives of Latina immigrant U.S. hospitality industry workers2013-06Textir_htoa
2 "An Exact Portrait of the People": the Need for Gender Parity in U.S. Congress for Legitimate Government2016-08Textir_htoa
3 "Carry me back to old Virginny:" History and community in the politics of Brandy Station1994-06Textir_htca
4 The "church victorious" vs. the "culture of death" : defining the church's role in post-communist Poland1995Textir_htca
5 "Determined to make righteous homes": LDS expressions of masculinity in emerging adulthood2017Textir_htca
6 "I'll always be that awkward one": how mothers and adolescents jointly construct adolescent selves in conversation2013-05Textir_etd
7 "Locking the system into its antedated ways" - The caudate in context recognition1998-08Textir_htca
8 "Making Do" in the land of opportunity: an exploration of the economic integration of refugees in Utah2018Textir_etd
9 "Nadie me Entiende" [No one understand me]: Impacts of cultural and language barriers on social isolation and loneliness in Spanish-Speaking older adults2021Textir_htoa
10 The "tampon tax" public discourse of policies concerning menstrual taboo2016-04Textir_htoa
11 "The most unkindest cut of all:" Creating an explicit health care rationing process1995-06Textir_htca
12 "We did not give up on anyone": Feuerstein and his work1998-06Textir_htca
13 The "wheel of wealth" and the General theory1981Textir_htca
14 The 1968 election and the birth of the contemporary presidential nomination process2012-05Textir_htoa
15 The 1986 Utah industrial loan company crisis1991-08Textir_htca
16 A behavior modification approach to teaching the retarded or behaviorally disadvantaged child social and learning skills1971-12Textir_htca
17 A comparative analysis of stress in intensive care and general floor nursing1978Textir_htca
18 A comparison of fixation and fractal measures of eye movement when viewing pictures with affective valence2016Textir_etd
19 A comparison of Gosiute material culture and the archaeology of Western Utah1952Textir_etd
20 A Crisis on the Border: An Unexpected Crisis or An Expected Outcome?2019Textir_htoa
21 A Different Paradigm for the Initial Colonisation of Sahul: Archaeological, genetic, demographic and geographic perspectives2019-08-20Textir_uspace
22 A digital atlas of Utah wilderness2011-12Textir_etd
23 A dynamic systems approach to infant facial action1997Textir_uspace
24 A global model of recovery and rebalancing2010-01-01Textir_uspace
25 A history of paleotempestology and paleoecology from the British Virgin Island2018Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 1,510