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1 Perkins, RebekahYoga for seniors: understanding their beliefs about and barriers to participationaging; beliefs; benefits; frailty; physcial activity; yoga2017thesis
2 Austria, Mary JeanCollaborative learning using nursing student dyads in the clinical setting: experiences and perceptions of students and patientsNursing--Research--United States; Health education--Research--United States2011-05thesis
3 Ridley, Tracy CarolHospice Nurses in Utah: A Qualitative Study of Their Views on Hospice Nursing Philosophy and Practice2012-05thesis
4 Vlam, Sheri.Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnostic assessment methods used by advanced practice registered nurses.Diagnosis; Primary Care2004-05thesis
5 Willhite, Carol Campbell.Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during hospitalization and at time of discharge.Mentally Ill; Anxiety1964-06thesis
6 Halford, GaylaDevelopment of a goal-directed nursing admission history1987-12thesis
7 Lepley, Ronald HerbertPhysiological adaptation to high altitude sojourning in backpackersBackpacking; Salt Lake City1980-12thesis
8 Boag, Lynn OsborneDifferences in aspects of satisfaction for nurses who stay on or leave a jobNursing; Retention of Nurses1983-12thesis
9 Carey, Leslie ZaricorNice parents equal nice babies: an ethnographic study in the newborn intensive care unitPsychology; Ethnology; Nurses1983-12thesis
10 Clark, Diane KristenLife stress and cystic fibrosisQuestionnaire; Demographic1981-06thesis
11 Abbaszadeh, Minda M. T.Physiologic changes of intubated premature infants during transfer proceduresPhysiology; Mechanically Ventilated2006-05thesis
12 Bearnson, Kathleen PatrickRelationship of functional roles in nursing to job satisfaction and authoritarianism in a selected private hospitalManpower; Roles in Nursing; Utah Valley Hospital1964-08thesis
13 Chinn, Peggy LoisParental acceptance of nursing participation in well-baby care1970-06thesis
14 Ellis, Elaine StaleyRelationship between self and close friend responses on the patterns of social adaptation scale (PSA)Personality; Psychosocial1976-06thesis
15 Fox, LyellDescription of the older primipara and her concerns during pregnancyPrimipara; Concerns; Questionnaires1985-08thesis
16 Dittmer, Ruth AnnStudy of heights, weights, hemoglobin values, and hematocrit values among children six weeks to six years of agePediataric Nursing; Hematocit1975-06thesis
17 Pulsipher, NancyRegistered nurse perception of the current role of the staff registered nurse in an acute care pediatric hospitalDemographic Data; Staff Nurses1994-03thesis
18 Greshik, Katherine JoStress and coping of parents of pediatric heart transplant patients and parents of pediatric patients with chronic heart disease a comparative study implications for health care providersChronically Ill Children; Parent and Child; Heart Diseases1999-05thesis
19 Silbernagel, Thomas RHardiness level among registered nursesJob Stress; Nurse Managers; Staff Nurses1991-12thesis
20 Clifford, Mary Ann ZakutneyThe development of a scale to test nurses' attitudes about health beliefsPsychological Tests; Attitudes; Nursing1983-12thesis
21 Robinson, ValerieJob satisfaction and supervisory behavior among hospital staff nursesDemographic; Nursing Staff, Hospital1984-08thesis
22 Charlson, Sheila OstrowDepression in the elderly: a comparison study of recently bereaved and nonbereaved samplesAged; Bereavement1982-03thesis
23 Carapezza, Deborah AHealth care needs of a national park population: a descriptive studyMedical Care; Montana; Glacier National Park1984-12thesis
24 Browdy, Robin HeleneFamily cohesion and adaptability in treatment and nontreatment groupsFamily Behavior; Cohesion1981-03thesis
25 Blaufuss, JudyEffect of suctioning technique on oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood in positive end expiratory pressure dependent patientsRespiratory Therapy; Oxygenators1983-03thesis
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