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1 Chuaqui, Miguel BasimAncient wing for solo fluteArchaeopteryx (Ancient Wing) was a prehistoric animal, presumably the "missing link" between reptiles and birds. I portrayed the dual nature of the animal by writing music that represents it both as a lizard-like motionless reptile, suddenly scuttling through the forest, as well as an ungainly bird,...1998
2 Chuaqui, Miguel BasimArioso for alto recorder and live electronics [performance materials]This is a zipped file which contains the following materials for the renedering of this piece for performance, as follows: 1) Chuaqui_Arioso_Max6_Patch_9-9-12 (folder of Max6 Patch files); 2) Chuaqui_Arioso_Patch_9-9-12; 3) Chuaqui_Arioso_Program_Notes_9-9-12.pdf; 4) Chuaqui_Arioso_Score_9-9-12.pdf.Instrumental music; Electronic music; Chamber music; dataset2012-09-09
3 Chuaqui, Miguel BasimDe metal y madera: for flute, cello, percussion, and electronics1999
4 Chuaqui, Miguel BasimHyperbole for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano1996
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