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1 Johnston, Susan S.Developing an initial communicative repertoire: applications and issues for persons with severe disabilitiesResearchers and practitioners are increasingly aware of the extent of communicative relationships very early in development. Advances in understanding how communication develops and how it can be taught have made earlier communication intervention a viable undertaking for infants and toddlers who ex...Intervention; Context; Communicative functions1993
2 Bergerson, Amy A.Outreach and identity development: New perspectives on college student persistenceCollege student persistence continues to pose challenges for higher education institutions, despite over 40 years of research. Although persistence is studied from many different angles, the majority of studies examining the causes of and cures for students' departure from college reflect the import...2014-01-01
3 Bergerson, Amy A.Gender disparity in engineering: results and analysis from school counselors survey and national vignetteIn an earlier paper by our group [1] we presented statistical analysis based on 30 years of ACT data illustrating gender disparity in engineering majors and career choices. Obtained results also revealed the presence of a large number of students who are interested in engineering but who may not be ...2012-01-01
4 Hillman, Nicholas WThe impact of state appropriations and grants on access to higher education and outmigrationEducation policymakers at all levels of government have long been interested in finding ways to entice more students to go to college. This goal has been driven by the belief that, as people acquire more education, they not only reap personal benefits from their investment in education, but they als...2012-01-01
5 Pounder, Diana G.Organizational orientation in public and private elementary schoolsIn this study, we investigated the relationship between organizational value orientation and tow variables, organizational commitment and job satisfaction, among teachers from private and public elementary schools.Organizational commitment; Job satisfaction; Value orientation1993
6 Pounder, Diana G.; Bergerson, Amy A.Job desirability of the university professorate in the field of educational leadershipThis survey research study uses job choice theory to assess recent educational leadership doctoral graduates' perceptions of the desirability of the educational administration professorate. Results reveal attractive and unattractive aspects of professorial work as well as those job attributes that ...Educational administration; Professorial work2004
7 Drews, Frank; Westenskow, Dwayne R.; Agutter, James A.; Strayer, David LeeDevelopment and evaluation of a anesthesia drug displayBACKGROUND: Usable real-time displays of intravenous anesthetic concentrations and effects could significantly enhance intraoperative clinical decision-making. Pharmacokinetic models are available to estimate past, present, and future drug effect-site concentrations, and pharmacodynamic models are a...Blood Pressure; Computer Graphics; Patient Simulation2002-03
8 Hawken, Leanne SueWhat's helpful in secondary schools: behavior programs for older studentsAlmost a decade of research has identified the most effective approach to addressing issues of behavior before they become a problem: schoolwide positive behavior support (SW-PBS).2005
9 Johnson, Bob L.Extending the study of learning environments: Connecting the field to other literaturesThe study of learning environments in educational organisations has a short but impressive history. A review of this literature reveals that considerable progress has been made in the investigation of this phenomenon. Yet in spite of these advances, momentum in the field has diminished in recent yea...Organizational theory; Learning environments2002
10 Hawken, Leanne SuePreventing problem behavior : implementing a school-wide system of behavior supportThis edition of the Utah Special Educator focuses on what works for schools. Almost a decade of research has provided evidence for the best method of preventing problem behavior in schools-implementing a school-wide system of behavior support.2003
11 Hawken, Leanne Sue; Burrow-Sanchez, JasonPreservice special education service providers' attitudes on diversityThis survey design study involved preservice special education service providers who were in degree seeking programs in the departments of special education, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Participants provided views and belief structures on diversity issues identified through a review ...2007
12 Brinkman, Paul T.Student price response in higher education: the student demand studiesWhat happens to enrollments when colleges and universities raise their prices? Who, if anyone, is sent away? What is the net impact of higher prices and reduced enrollments upon institutional financial ledgers? These questions have been investigated in what have come to be called the "student dem...Enrollment; Colleges; Universities; Student demand; Tuition1987
13 Johnson, Bob L.Toward a synthesis of inquiry on environmental robustnessOur approach has emphasized the development of ideas over the systematic criticism of specific studies. Perhaps some may view these ideas as useful starting points for new inquiry. The least we might expect from such inquiry is a better understanding of why some students and teachers claim that scho...Education; Schools; Boredom; Robustness1989
14 Pounder, Diana G.Decision making in videotaped selection interviews: age and position effects retestedThis study was designed to test the effects of a candidate's age and the effect of the type of position under consideration on candidate ratings as assessed from a videotaped interview simulation. To investigate the effect of these variables, a 2 x 2 factorial design was used. The independent varia...1985
15 Bergerson, Amy A.Conflict at Pierce CollegeThis case was written for use in courses in higher education leadership. It is particularly useful for examining the environment in which decisions are made in higher education institutions. In the case, a young administrator is confronted with an ethical dilemma. She initially receives the suppo...Politics.; Ethics; Leadership2004
16 Johnston, Susan S.Considering response efficiency as a strategy to prevent assistive technology abandonmentOften, specialists in the field of Assistive Technology (AT) are presented with the challenge of teaching learners to utilize AT in order to increase, maintain, or improve their capabilities. Despite best efforts, rates of AT abandonment are alarmingly high. Understanding the factors that may infl...Assistive technology; Training; Disabled people2005
17 Pounder, Diana G.Theory to practice in administrator preparation: an evaluation studyThe purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of a field-based doctoral program in educational administration on linking theory and research to the improvement of practice. Specifically, the study evaluates the degree and ways in which doctoral student field-based projects and studies c...Educational administration; Doctoral programs; Theory-practice programs1995
18 Hillman, Nicholas WTuition discounting for revenue managementOver the past decade, institutionally-funded financial aid (or "tuition discounts") have been the fastest-growing item within most public four-year college and university operating budgets. One explanation for this trend is due to the changing structure of public colleges' revenue streams, as tuitio...2010
19 Pounder, Diana G.; Sperry, David J.; Drew, Clifford J.Educator evaluation and the law: a case study of common statutory problemsStatutorily many states have gone through an evolutionary process regarding educator evaluation. This often results in a disconnected body of laws and amendments that create problems with respect to purposes of evaluation, appropriate standards and methods to be employed, and implementation strategi...Parsimony; Incompetence, Preformance1992
20 Brinkman, Paul T.Options for cost analysisMany kinds of cost analysis are possible. Indeed, given the variety of purposes, methods, and types of cost, the number of permutations is virtually unlimited. In broad terms, one can disaggregate the universe of cost studies by distinguishing whether their primary purpose is to determine costs or t...Budget; Allocation1989
21 Hillman, Nicholas WThe ethical dimensions of awarding financial aidAbstract In countries charging tuition fees, and those that are considering adopting tuition fee policies, recent economic conditions are making education less affordable and accessible for students (Johnstone & Marcucci, 2010; Schwarzenberger & Opheim, 2009). To combat these challenges, nations, ...2011
22 Pounder, Diana G.Theory to practice: a description and multi-dimensional evaluation of the University of Utah's educational administration Ed.D. programThe purpose of this paper is tp describe the University of Utah's recently revised Ed.D. program and to report the results of several program evaluation efforts conducted since i t s implementation. In particular, the most recent evaluation study assesses the effectiveness of the field-based doctora...1995
23 Hillman, Nicholas WPreparing for the silver tsunami: the demand for higher education among older adults(Over the next decade, Baby Boomers will be reaching retirement age in large numbers and the U.S. will be undergoing one of the most significant demographic shifts in its history. This demographic shift has important implications for the role of higher education as a provider of lifelong learning an...2010
24 Gardner Michael K.; Woltz, Dan J.Representation of memory for order of mental operations in cognitive tasksRecent research shows that people learning a cognitive task acquire a memory for the order of operations applied, independent of the data to which those operations were applied. We designed two experiments to show how this sequence memory is represented. Experiment 1 compared predictions based on...Cognitive skills; Operation sequences; Sequential skills2002
25 Pounder, Diana G.Gender-related biases in admission decisionsThe competitive admission process for educational programs in health sciences usually begins with a screening phase. Raters, who are often the same people who later interview the applicants, screen candidates based on information on their application forms. Only the applicants who survive the scree...Attractiveness; Attributions; Evaluation1993
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