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1 Perkins, RebekahYoga for seniors: understanding their beliefs about and barriers to participationaging; beliefs; benefits; frailty; physcial activity; yoga2017thesis
2 Vlam, Sheri.Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnostic assessment methods used by advanced practice registered nurses.Diagnosis; Primary Care2004-05thesis
3 Willhite, Carol Campbell.Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during hospitalization and at time of discharge.Mentally Ill; Anxiety1964-06thesis
4 Woodcock, Celia Mary HansenDiabetes mellitus in the Ute Indian tribeUte Indians; Obestity1974-06thesis
5 Williams, Susan M.Diabetic urine testing by hospital nursing personnelAnalysis1970-06thesis
6 Roberts, Deanne DavisElectrical impedance of human urineImpedance, Bioelectric1980-06thesis
7 Brooke, Penny SimpsonTemperament and separation behaviors of infantsChild Mental Health; Mother and Child1974-06thesis
8 Bartholomew, Jewel AlexanderTemperature change in the newborn : its implication for flexible nursing careMother-Infant Interaction1976-08thesis
9 Chaffin, Beverly Jean HarrisonEmergency room experiences of suicide attempters1969-06thesis
10 Robinson, Barbara TaylorUmbilical cord as affected by two methods of bathing the newborn1969-06thesis
11 Nesset, Karen McArthurDescription of a community mental health center's clientele 55 years of age or olderOlder People; Community Mental Health Sevices1974-06thesis
12 Geiser, RosannCuddle bathing: an alternative in newborn bathingInfant, Newborn; Nursing1981-12thesis
13 Shinn, Patsy FayCritique of vitamin C values for human milkBreast Milk; Vitamin C.1974-06thesis
14 Jensen, JoanDevelopment of a nurse-psychiatric patient interaction inventoryPsychiatric nursing; Nurse and patient1966-06thesis
15 Walton, Beverly AnnAn investigation of the phenomenon of immediate postpartum chillingChildbirth; Maternity Nursing1973-06thesis
16 Rae, Lonieda E. EskelsonAxillary and rectal temperatures in females of varying agePhysiology; Pediatric Nursing1974-06thesis
17 Steinhaus, Laurel AnnCardiovascular response to exercise training in the elderlyExercise - Physiological aspects; Exercise for older people; Cardiovascular system1983-06thesis
18 Jensen, Marian DruryCardiovascular alterations with lateral position changes in the immediate post-operative period in patients with aortic valve replacementPostoperative care; Aortic valve - Surgery; Patients - Positioning1968-06thesis
19 Bohnen, Mollyn VillarealWeighing wet diapers: a new approach to measure infant outputDiapers; Fluid Intake1971-06thesis
20 Sherman, Nan CeciliaEffect of aging on dextrostix readingsAnalysis; Physiology1975-04thesis
21 Farahbod, FaridehEffect of controlled breathing and supportive physcial touch upon women's responses to their labor contractionsPhysiological; Behavioral1979-12thesis
22 Hanifan, Mariana OsunaThe Effect of the psychiatric nursing approach on follow through of mental health center applicantsPsychiatric Nursing; Nurse-Patient Relations1968-06thesis
23 Suta, Dian TheresaThe effectiveness of crisis intervention techniques utlized by a psychiatric nurse for emergency room patients with emotional complaintsPatient Care; Nursing1972-06thesis
24 May, Betty Edna BirkEffectiveness of sensory stimulation in producing voiding in hemorrhoidectomy patients with postoperative urinary retentionSurgical Nursing; Postoperative Care; Anuria1970-06thesis
25 Parker, Olive Wyoma HeckmannValidation study of a parent participation attitude scaleQuestionnaires; Nursing Personnel1972-06thesis
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