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1 Quantifying Electricity-Related Emissions for On-Campus Buildings2019Text; Imageir_su
2 Accelerating Technology Adoption by Health Sciences Librarians2009Text; Imageir_uspace
3 Poverty traps, risk and natural disasters: micro evidence from rural Odisha, India2016-02-02Text; Imageir_su
4 Estimating building CO2 emissions reductions with EnergyPlus2014-02-07Text; Imageir_uspace
5 Design of bench scale model for pressure retarded osmosis2015-07-16Text; Imageir_su
6 Neurocircuitry underlying vocal production of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis2014Text; Imageir_uspace
7 Bilateral coordination of vocal pathways in African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevis2014Text; Imageir_uspace
8 Distinct neural control of vocal phases in frog calls2013Text; Imageir_uspace
9 Sustainability in the collection: an MLS student internship experience2013Text; Imageir_su
10 Greening the library, greening the campus2012Text; Imageir_su
11 Pre-clinical animal model for ovarian cancer using live imaging system2015-04-14Text; Imageir_uspace
12 The effects of various metal ions on the folding of G-quadruplexes2015-03-31Text; Imageir_uspace
13 Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, and Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia: A Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of Mindfulness Instruction in a Complex Clinical Sample2015-03Text; Imageir_uspace
14 Clean and secure energy from Utah's oil shale and oil sands resources: Environmental, legal and policy framework2010-04-28Text; Imageir_eua
15 Lennox Tierney collection: Japanese images2013Image; Textir_uspace
16 From palace to treasure house: creating a new space for the Institute of Ethiopian Studies LIbrary2011Text; Imageir_uspace
17 Building sustainable partnerships: libraries as partners in creating and supporting campus green teams2014-07-11Text; Imageir_uspace
18 Hunting for insight: an analysis of hunting behaviors in mice2014-06-24Text; Imageir_uspace
19 C-F bond activation2014-05-30Text; Imageir_uspace
20 What you see is what you get... Observed impacts of visual education on recycling at the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah2014Text; Imageir_uspace
21 Church attendance improves mental health, prayer alone and self-indentification as religious Do not2013-10-09Text; Imageir_uspace
22 Validation of real-tim instrumentation system for gait adjustment2011-05-12Text; Imageir_uspace
23 Image processing, pattern recognition and connectomics2011-10-25Text; Imageir_uspace
24 Is time spent on deployment a stronger predictor of insomnia than time spent in service?2013-05-01Text; Imageir_uspace
25 Interactive editing of Massive images2010-02-26Text; Imageir_uspace
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