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1 Weeks, Trisha L. T."I'll always be that awkward one": how mothers and adolescents jointly construct adolescent selves in conversationadolescent development; conversation; Identity; maternal scaffolding; narrative construction2013-05dissertation
2 Sarver, Christian Marie"Lost. Lost. and Lost' : A narrative analysis of desistance in the context of parole2019dissertation
3 Coquemont, Kathryn Kay"No one know": Untold narratives of Southeast Asian American Student success2018dissertation
4 Mccadden, Elizabeth P."Nobody can give from an empty vessel": a qualitative study on self-care for women activists in counseling psychologyActivism; Counseling Psychology; Qualitative Research; Self-Care; Social Justice; Women2016dissertation
5 Colasanto, Mary Patricia"Of mice and men": connective tissue regulation of muscle developmentGenetics2017dissertation
6 Mcintire, Earl Henry"Raised money by hook and crook, got my paper out": Sunshine and shadow in the life seasons of editor and physician Dr. Elihu S. McIntire (1832-1899)Biography; Cultural History; Diary; Framing; Journalism History; Textual Silences2017dissertation
7 Gardett, Marie Isabel"Sometimes there are differences of opinion as to what the data mean": bureaucracy and facticity in the face of inconclusive scienceFDA; Medicine; Philosophy of science; Rhetoric; Science; Technical writing2013-08dissertation
8 Springer, Benjamin James"Superheroes in the Resource Room": A Study Examining Implemention of the Superhero Social Skills Program by a Resource Teacher with Students with Externalizing Behavior ProblemsEducational psychology; Special education; Clinical psychology2012dissertation
9 Block, Heidi Marie"Superheroes social skills": an initial study examining an evidence-based program for elementary-aged students with autism spectrum disorders in a school settingAutism spectrum disorders; Generalization; Peer-mediated; Self-management; Social skills; Video-modeling2012-05dissertation
10 Spencer, Callie Cross"Wow, that bitch is crazy!": exploring gendered performances in leisure spaces surrounding reality televisionCultural studies; Duoethnography; Gender; Performance studies; Poststructuralism; The Bachelor2014-12dissertation
11 Mcdonald, Lori K."You have no life other than that, so you better like what you're doing": a feminist phenomenology of women in undergraduate engineering majorsengineering; undergraduate; women2016dissertation
12 Parga, Ana Carolina Gomez#Cabronacomomonicarobles: When memes reproduce more than images2018dissertation
13 Light, ElinorThe (em)placed vernacular: rhetorics of transgression and control in new york city(em)placed vernacular; New York City; Rhetoric; Spatial Studies; Transgression; Visual Rhetoric2015-08dissertation
14 Limes, Mark Earl129Xe relaxation and Rabi oscillationsAtomic Physics; Electrically and Optically detected Magnetic Resonance; Hyperpolarized Gases; Magnetic Resonance; Rabi Oscillations2014dissertation
15 Clark, James Henry3-D design of free-form B-spline Surfaces1974dissertation
16 Samson, Shiela C.3-ost-7 regulates cardiac function and development in zebrafishMolecular biology; Zoology2011dissertation
17 Ghanty, Uday8-alkoxyadenosines modulate RNA interference efficacy and off-pathway protein binding8-alkoxyadenosine, Caspase 2 gene silencing, off-pathway protein binding, off-target effect, RNAi, SiRNA2012-12dissertation
18 Kurnat-Thoma, Emma LouiseA Candidate Gene Analysis of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Elderly Women and the Nursing Implications of Personalized Medicine2010-12dissertation
19 Valdez, Trina MarisaA case study of community cultural wealth among "mountain west" chicana/o college studentsChicana and Chicano; Community cultural wealth; Critical race theory; Cultural capital; Cultural wealth; Latina/o critical race theory2015-05dissertation
20 Kennedy, James PaulA cellularized biomaterial model of cardiac fibroblasts for evaluation of fibroblast induced changes in stiffnessbioreactor; cardiac fibroblasts; perfusion; scaffold2013-05dissertation
21 Kinsey, Michelle VitekA Characterization of NR0B1 in the Pathogenesis of Ewing's SarcomaEwing's Sarcoma2010-04dissertation
22 Vaden, Rachel MelindaA chemical biology approach towards the development of strategies to target drug refractory breast cancerBreast cancer; Chemical biology; Chemoresistance; Small molecule; Zinc2015dissertation
23 Goyal, SachinA collective approach to harness idle resources of end nodesIdle resources; End nodes; Collective managers2011-08dissertation
24 Dalto, Joseph DesmondA Communication Ontology for Improving Quality and Safety Management in Air Medical Transport2015-05dissertation
25 Rogers, ChristopherA comparative grammar of XinkanEndangered languages; Grammar; Language documentation; Mesoamerica; Xinkan; Xinca2010-08dissertation
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