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1 UUSAC staff award nomination forms 19961996Awards; University of Utah staffForms, criteria for nomination and memos for the Presidential Staff Awards for 1996 at the University of Utah
2 UUSAC chair's responsibilities 19961996An outline of the responsibilities of the University of Utah Advisory Committee chair.
3 UUSAC staff award miscellaneous 19961996Awards; University of Utah staffMiscellaneous documentation of the processes, checklists, nominees list and memos about the Presidential Staff Awards in 1996 for the University of Utah.
4 UUSAC process and timeline 19961996Awards; Committees; University of Utah staffThis is the "bible" for the Presidential Staff Awards. Everything you need to know about the process is contained in this binder. Annually the chair of the nominating and selection committees should each file a report noting problems, recommendations, ideas. Then, this binder should be passed to ...
5 UUSAC selection committee 19961996Awards; University of Utah staffSelection committee members and committee recommendations for the 1996 Presidential Staff Awards at the University of Utah.
6 UUSAC staff award recipients 19961996Awards; University of Utah staffDocuments, letters, articles and lists of the 1996 Presidential Staff Awards recipients at the University of Utah.
7 UUSAC staff award report and recommendations 19961996Awards; University of Utah staffRecommendations of the Presidential Staff Award Selection Committee for the award winners of 1996 at the University of Utah.
8 UUSAC nominating committee 19961996Awards, University of Utah staffA report on the nomination procedures and process for the 1996 Presidential Staff Awards for the University of Utah.
9 UUSAC parking request 1993-19941994CommitteesNotes, letters and memos of the University of Utah Parking, Transportation, Traffic Modeling Project Settering Committee.
10 UUSAC AdPAC 1993-19941994MinutesAgendas and minutes for meetings of the Administrative Policies Advisory Committee
11 UUSAC budget 1993-19941994UUSAC budgetReceipts and budget information for the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) for 1993-1994.
12 UUSAC new member orientation 1993-19941994Policies; Newsletter; University of Utah EmployeesPolicies; procedures; membership lists and the UUSAC newsletter for new members of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC).
13 UUSAC bylaws 1993-19941994BylawsUniversity of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) bylaws for 1993-1994.
14 UUSAC committee 1994-19951995CommitteesA list of committee members of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) in 1994-1995.
15 UUSAC long range planning committee 1993-19941994CommitteesMemo concerning the University of Utah Long Range Planning Committee.
16 UUSAC staff service and development 1993-19941994Community service; PoliciesMemos on the University of Utah policy and guidelines for community service.
17 UUSAC semester and quarter 1993-19941994University of Utah classes; PolicyA memo outlining the questions and concerns about the University of Utah changing from quarters to semesters.
18 UUSAC correspondence 1993-19941994LettersLetters and memos written by and to Bonnie McMorris concerning UUSAC business.
19 UUSAC president's staff awards 1993-19941994University of Utah staff awardsNotes, articles and memos on University of Utah presidential staff awards.
20 UUSAC UHESA 1993-19941994Bylaws; Univerity of Utah staff; MinutesUtah Higher Education Staff Association directory, meeting minutes, constitution and bylaws for 1993-1994.
21 UUSAC miscellaneous 1993-19941994Policies; University of Utah employeesMiscellaneous documents including policys, procedures and projects of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC).
22 UUSAC human resource concerns Fred Petersen 1993-19941994Policies; Conflict of interestMemos, articles and documents on the University of Utah conflict of interest policy.
23 UUSAC salary, wage and benefits 1993-19941994Salary; University of Utah employeesUniversity of Utah salary and wages information for campus employees for 1993-1994.
24 UUSAC newsletter and survey 1993-19941994Newsletter; University of Utah employeesThe faculty and staff newsletter FYI, as well as discussion of the staff survey and its results.
25 UUSAC UHESA 1997-19981998Bylaws; PoliciesMemos, bylaws, and policies of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA)
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